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Giving by credit card is simple and safe. Visit our Online Giving Page to get started.

Cash Donations

Make check payable to:
Covenant Pines Bible Camp
Mail check to:
43696 245th Place
McGregor, MN 55760

Our primary method of expanding the ministry of camp is through gifts from individuals.

In the past six years, individuals have given nearly $2,000,000 to camp for the construction of the dining hall, guest house and three cabins. This large sum has enabled us to complete the construction but has not covered all our expenses. Future growth plans hinge on our ability to pay off the existing debt and fund the new construction.

Current projects under construction and/or waiting for financial support

  • Construction of Silver Beach cabins
  • Construction of water slide
  • Construction of new Worship Center

The ministry of Covenant Pines Bible Camp is supported in three ways.

  • Our Operating Income (about $800,000 per year) supports our Operating Expenses. In other words, the fees we charge are set to cover our operating expenses which include everything except “major” capital items.
  • Church Assessments (about $80,000 per year) are given to help with debt retirement and capital expenses like computers, vehicles, buildings, lawnmowers, etc. and the support of Adventurous Christians.
  • Individual gifts (about $200,000 last year).