Support Camp Through Your Estate

Friends of Covenant Pines have chosen a wide variety of alternatives to provide support to this ministry through their estate plans. Many of these plans provide significant tax benefits to the donor/grantor. Examples include:

  • Bequests through a Will or Trust to provide a percentage or fixed amount from the estate.
  • Naming Covenant Pines as beneficiary of a Charitable Gift Annuity providing a present tax deduction and a generous life income to the donor(s), with the remainder to benefit Covenant Pines after the donor’s death.
  • Establishing a Charitable Trust with appreciated or depreciated real estate, appreciated stocks, or other investments. Current tax deductions and lifetime income is received by the donor, future gifts to Covenant Pines.
  • Gifting of a cabin, home, or other real estate. Donor may elect to retain lifetime use while receiving current tax benefits and future benefit to Covenant Pines.
  • Designating Covenant Pines as beneficiary or owner of a life insurance policy or remainder beneficiary of an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).
  • Establish a Memorial Endowment Fund to provide perpetual funding for general needs or designated ministry needs of Covenant Pines.

With the right plan, you can fulfill your charitable desires, achieve your personal financial objectives and optimize present and future tax benefits. Covenant Estate Planning Services can provide consultation and assistance without cost or obligation. For more information contact Kevin Lawson at Covenant Estate Planning Services (763) 732-1566 or Bruce Peterson at (651) 766-6876

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