As you may be able to imagine, it takes lots to keep this place going. We serve thousands of people a year and camp gets well-used by all of them. Our cars break down, our tools break, and our electronics grow obsolete. The list below are items that we as a staff believe will further the ministry of this Bible Camp. As a non-profit ministry, we rely on the generous donations of our friends. By giving even a small amount toward any of these items, you are helping our mission which is to reach people of all ages with the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

Once a project reaches its funding goal, it will be purchased. If more donations come in for a particular item than is needed, we will distribute the difference to other items on the list. Visit our Wish List Blog to see pictures of these fruits of generosity from our supporters!


Espresso Machine – $4,300 ($1,265 raised so far) Donate

Some time ago, a generous friend of camp donated an espresso machine. Thus began Covenant Grinds Coffee Shop. Since then we’ve served hundreds of lattes, mochas, americanos, and hot chocolates.We’ve been having problems lately with our machine. Our faithful espresso machine has served us well, but it’s time to upgrade. Covenant Grinds has become a staple of our Guest Group experience and we want to continue to provide quality drinks to our guests.
Requested by Holly Larson, Program Director