Serving at Silver Beach this summer has been a beautiful reminder of God’s love for the family unit. Having served only on the youth side of camp in the past, it was a joy to experience this ministry that is near and dear to many.

It didn’t take long to hear about the history that many of these families have here. Sporting their vintage Silver Beach apparel, it is apparent that the Powells have been coming since the early days. They are anticipated guests because every summer, they joyfully give endless rides behind their speedboat to all of the other families.

While several of the families have been coming up for 20+ years, it was also exciting to welcome new guests to Silver Beach, such as the Eliasons. It was such a gift to hear at the end of the week how this became their best family vacation.  With three small children, they were able to connect with another new family who have kids around the same age. It is clear that God has his hand in forming community here week after week.

It’s clear that Silver Beach is such a blessing to these families. They come and unwind and form deeper connection in the presence of their Creator. They come to Experience the Community of Christ.