“I feel like every time I come to Man Camp there’s always a takeaway. Something I go home with.” ~ Sean

Man Camp gives you the chance to connect with other Men, worship together, and play together. It is a weekend designed by men and for men.

christian men retreat sermonIn the video above, Matt says, “I needed something profound to happen in my life.” He tells about how he had strayed from his faith, but felt convicted to ground himself again. Maybe you can relate to Matt. Or maybe you’re more like Robert. Robert was very much grounded in his faith and was simply looking for “good messages, good people, and great food.”

Wherever you are spiritually, Man Camp is an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to separate yourself from the routine, to turn down the volume of the world, and speak authentically with other men. Of course there will be tons of fun stuff to do. But that’s not why we do this. The core reason we do this is to experience the love of Christ. That’s why ManCamp exists. That’s why this camp exists. That’s why we want you to join us. So please, journey up to McGregor, MN and give yourself this experience.

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Men’s Retreat
Nov 18-20, 2016


The cost for this weekend is $119.
  • Premium Housing (White Pine Cabin, Lakeside Cabins)  $155
  • If you register on or before October 16th, you will receive our Early Bird discount, which is $15 off.

Man Camp Speaker

Steve Wiens is the founder of Genesis Covenant Church. He’s the primary preacher on Sundays, he leads the staff team, and he tackles anything that needs a little extra creativity. He loves solving problems, creating things that didn’t exist before, and seeing people discover what it is that makes them come alive. Steve helps people the question, “What new beginning is God inviting me into?”



mens retreat 12When we’re not worshipping and listening to great messages, we’ll be trap shooting, grilling, reading, playing cards, climbing, playing basketball, and eating lots of bacon and steak. Seriously, the food is great. Check out pictures from last year’s Men’s Retreat to get a better idea of what to expect!

  • Blacklight dodgeball
  • Shooting Range
  • Open Gym
  • Rope Swing Polar Plunge
  • Football
  • Giant Swing
  • Climbing tower and zip line
  • Worship
  • Relaxing and playing card games in Fireside Lounge


The theme for this retreat is Man Up. We will be looking at the life of David and how he had to “Man Up” throughout his life. Specifically we’ll be looking at:

1) Man Up by Obeying When It’s Easier to Walk Away

Scripture: 1 Samuel 13, 15

2) Man Up by Fighting the Battles You’re Called to Fight

Scripture: 1 Samuel 17

3) Man Up by Taking the Next Step in Our Male Friendships

Scripture: 1 Samuel 18, 23

4) Man Up and Be Guided By God, Not Your Circumstances

Scripture: 1 Samuel 24