A retreat designed by men and for men

christian men retreat sermonMen’s Retreat – or “Man Camp” as some of the guys like to call it – is an opportunity to connect with other Men, worship together, and play together. It is a weekend designed by men and for men.

In the video below, Matt says that he “needed something profound to happen in [his] life.” He tells about how he had strayed from his faith, but God used Men’s Retreat to “ground [him]self again.” Maybe you can relate to Matt. Or maybe you’re more like Robert. Robert was very much grounded in his faith and was simply looking for “good messages, good people, and great food.”

Wherever you are spiritually, Men’s Retreat is an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to separate yourself from the routine, to turn down the volume of the world, and to listen to God and your brothers. Of course there will be tons of fun stuff to do, but all that’s just dressing. The core reason we do this, the meat of the retreat, is to experience the love of Christ. That’s why Man Camp exists. That’s why Covenant Pines exists. That’s why we want you to join us. So please, journey up to McGregor, MN and experience the love of Christ with your brothers. It can be hard to find an extended period of time to relax and be vulnerable with other men. Men’s Retreat exists to give you that opportunity.

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mens retreat 12When we’re not worshipping and listening to Phil, we’ll be trap shooting, grilling, reading, playing cards, climbing, playing basketball, and eating lots of bacon and steak. Seriously, the food is great.

  • Blacklight dodgeball
  • Nighttime Frisbee golf
  • Shooting Range
  • Open Gym
  • Rope Swing Polar Plunge
  • Football
  • Giant Swing
  • Climbing tower and zip line
  • Worship
  • Poker Tournament
  • Relaxing and playing card games in Fireside Lounge


Men’s Retreat
Nov 20-22, 2015


  • Premium Housing (White Pine, Silver Beach Cabins)  $165
  • Deluxe Housing (Retreat Center, Backwoods Cabins, Bald Eagle Lodge) for $147
  • Standard Housing (Davis & Round Lake Cabins) for $119

Men’s Retreat Speakers

Pphil print 2hil Print (right) is the Pastor of Crossroads Church and an adjunct Professor of Preaching at Bethel Seminary. He has been married to his wife Laurel for 33 years. He is not only a father, but a grandfather with 3 grandchildren. In his spare time, Phil loves to catch bass, play racquet sports, read leadership literature, drink coffee, and travel to Mexico in January.
men's retreat covenant pines bible campSten Carlson (left) is the Assistant Pastor at Cedarbrook Church. He has been married to his wife Erica for 6 and a half years. He and Erica have a two year old daughter named Lucy, and in July of 2015 welcomed their son Olle into their family.   Sten loves all Minnesota sports teams, playing basketball, camping, and trout fishing with a fly rod!