Below you’ll find a list of the most common questions we receive. If your question is not on the list below, please call us at 218.768.2610 or email our Program Director, Natalie Swanson.

I’m not sure if I can afford to send my child to camp. What are my options?
Please know that we do everything we can to keep the cost of camp low. But we also have built in a few ways to reduce the cost for you. Please visit our Scholarships Page to l learn about all the ways to cut down on the cost of camp.

If I decide to drive my child to camp, what time should I drop them off?
Please drop your child off at 12:30 pm.

Can I stay in the same cabin with 6 of my best friends?
Probably not. We will place you with one of your top two choices listed as cabin pals. If you bring a friend that does not know anyone else in your church, make a note of that and they will be in your cabin. With cabin groups of 8-10, having most of them be friends leaves the rest of the campers out. Hey – you will love to meet some new friends!

How can I contact my camper while they are at camp?
Email camper@covenantpines.org and write your camper’s full name in the subject line. Or address a letter to:

Camper’s Name
Covenant Pines Bible Camp
43696 245th Pl
McGregor, MN 55760

For more details on contacting your camper, please click here.

Do I need to attend a Covenant Church to attend Covenant Pines Bible Camp?
No. We serve people from many denominations as well as non-churched campers. We are a camp where all are welcome!

I don’t see “Group 1” or “Group 2” information. Do I need to sign up for a specific week of camp?
In the past we had assigned specific churches to specific sessions, calling them “Group 1” and “Group 2.” We no longer use that system. You may sign up your camper for whatever session works best with your family’s summer plans. Please check with your local church prior to registration to learn if they are encouraging campers to attend a particular camp session.

Do I mail in my Health Form?
No, please note that your Camper’s Health Form MUST BE COMPLETED ONLINE. This is a new change for Summer 2018. This form must be filled out, online, prior to June 1, 2018. The Health Form will NOT be the bus ticket to get on the bus.

What’s up with the mosquitoes?
That’s a great question. Some years they are bad and other years they are terrible! We do limited spraying, but campers should still bring mosquito spray/lotion and have instruction from you on how to use it. Light weight long sleeve shirts and pants for evening work great.

Do I need to ride the bus to camp?
No. Transportation is provided in the cost of registration. Fees are not reduced if you do not use the bus. Campers may ride the bus one way if desired. Please mark the bus stop locations appropriately.

Can I call my child when they are at camp?
In cases of emergency, yes. Otherwise, we discourage calls. If your child is homesick, a camp staff member will call you if we feel it necessary. 95% of the time, campers are fine after the first day or two. We work with hundreds of homesick campers and are very sensitive to their needs.

Can my child bring a cell phone to camp and call me?
No. We collect cell phones from campers and return them before they go home. Often cell coverage does not work at camp. There is a phone in the office campers can use in cases of emergency.

How old are your counselors and what type of training do they have?
Most of our counselors are in their second year of college. We have a week long training session for our summer staff. All volunteers are required to attend a counselor training session in the Twin Cities area before they come to camp. All staff members are also required to complete a training program called “Ministry Safe.” More information about that can be found at ministrysafe.com

Do you check on the background of summer staff before you hire them?
We do a National Criminal Background check on all volunteers and summer staff.

What is your cancellation policy?
In the event that you should need to cancel a registration, you will receive a refund of fees paid minus a $75 non-refundable processing fee. No refunds will be issued for cancellations within 15 days of the camp date. If a cancellation is needed due to an emergency, please contact our office staff at 218-768-2610.

Is your waterfront safe?
We have four lifeguards and a waterfront director. All are certified by American Red Cross as lifeguard trained and the waterfront director has at least one year of experience on a waterfront. All our staff are CPR certified and provided a refresher course during staff training.

If I bring a neighbor or school friend with me, and they only know me, can they be in my cabin?
Absolutely! Please make a note on the registration card and we will put them together.

Can I attend more than one week of camp each summer?
Yes, if there is space available. You can list your second and third options and we will let you know in June if there is still space available for additional camps. This does not apply to senior high students that may want to attend senior high camp, LIT or SWEAT camps. They may attend multiple times.

Is there more than one adult in the cabin with the campers?
Each cabin has a lead counselor that is either on our summer staff or a volunteer, and then there are either LIT (Leadership in Training) or Junior Counselors with them. Occasionally our other summer staff spend the night in the cabin with the campers as well.

How much money should I bring to camp?
That depends on how much they are allowed to spend in the store and give to missions. A sweatshirt could cost $35. Generally $25 could be adequate, allowing them to buy one smaller item in the store, a treat each day in the canteen (limit 2 items each day), buy craft projects, and go tubing on the waterfront. The mission project has received great support over the years, $11,000 last year, so they can give all they want to missions. Our general comment is if you have money left at the end of the week, give it to missions!

What are sleeping arrangements like?
Campers stay in cabins with their counselor. Bedding is needed for bunk beds. Sleeping bags work fine but be sure they are not meant for winter sleeping. Sleeping bags also are needed if they go to “outcamp” for the night, where they stay in tents. Not every camper gets this opportunity, but sleeping bags are helpful for this activity. Some cabins have bathrooms in the cabin, or in the building. Most cabins use a central bathhouse located nearby. The boys generally are in cabins on Round Lake and the girls are in cabins on Davis Lake and in Bald Eagle Lodge. Each cabin has a lead counselor and then a junior counselor or staff cabin pal that will spend the night in the cabin.

How do we handle medical emergencies?
There is a RN on site each week who works under standing orders provided by our local doctor in McGregor. A clinic in McGregor (7 miles) and a hospital in Aitkin (25 miles) provide medical care. Ambulance service comes from McGregor. All our staff are trained in CPR and have basic first aid and medical emergency training.

What happens during a severe storm?
We have connections to national weather service and internet radar maps. In the case of severe weather, our siren sounds and campers are brought to the gymnasium or Fireside Lodge for protection from storms.

My child is on medications. How do I send them?
Our nurse collects all medications when campers arrive, except for asthma inhalers. A record is made of when medications are distributed to each camper. Medications are handed out at all meal times and before bed at night, as needed. Medications MUST be in there original containers with dosage legible. Our infirmary has basic medical supplies, but campers are encouraged to bring along cough drops, suntan lotion, mosquito lotion and other basic items. Please instruct your child in proper application of lotions. If you have concerns about medical issues, please call camp and we can connect you to a nurse that will assist you.

You didn’t answer my question!!
Send them to Natalie and they will be posted on the web for others to read.