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Solitude Retreat Dec 1 - 3, 2023




Covenant Pines Bible Camp

Guided Silent RetreatS

As we consider all that we’ve experienced in the past few years and continue to live in right now, we feel the practice of retreat is especially important. Come and join us for this unique retreat experience as we enter into silence and solitude alongside one another. This guided silent retreat is great for those that are familiar with the spiritual practice of retreat as well as those that have maybe never participated in a silent retreat before. While there will be times of shared spiritual practices in a safe, socially-distanced manner, this is primarily an individual experience. Come, retreat, and feel God’s nearness as you sit in Christ’s presence.


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Housing & Pricing


Guided Silent Retreat 

Cost for this retreat is $115. 

Each guest will have their own private room in our Retreat Center. Each room includes a private half bathroom with a toilet and sink. Guests will share the showers down the hall for this retreat, and there will be a sign up and disinfectant to use after each use.



Guided Silent Retreat 

We’ll start our time together with a shared meal on Friday night at 5:30pm in our Dining Hall.  Meals will be served in Oakridge Dining Hall.  We’ll close our retreat time together with a shared breakfast at 8:15am on Sunday finishing in the Dining Hall.



SOlitude Retreat 

With the exception of Dinner on Friday night and breakfast on Sunday morning, this retreat will take place in silence. There will be optional shared prayer and spiritual practice spaces for corporate, contemplative worship for those interested. Enjoy the creation of Covenant Pines and head out for a snowshoe on the lake or cross-country skiing around our property, head to a local state park for a hike, or find some space in fireside lounge by the fire to enjoy a good book and journal.



Packing List

  • Bedding
  • Toiletries
  • Winter gear
  • Bible & journal
  • Your own snacks you might enjoy
  • Anything you would like to draw nearer to God!