Adult Retreats


our adult retreats provide spiritually significant and memorable experiences for men and women.

We believe that everyone needs camp, not just kids. Our retreats are an opportunity for you to press pause on your routine, turn down the volume of life, and invest in your faith. We work hard to provide an exciting and energizing environment that will also improve your relationship with Christ.

Visit a specific retreat page for registration and for more information about pricing, dates, and activities.

Looking to plan your own retreat for a men’s or women’s group? Visit our Host a Retreat page to get started.

Adult Retreats

Quilter & Craft Retreat

October 29-November 1

Whatever your level of experience, join us for a relaxing weekend of creativity and fellowship. This retreat is a time to let God give you a break. We know it’s hard to find time to work on your projects. As a Christian, it’s hard to find extended time in fellowship with other women. This retreat provides ample opportunity for both

Man Camp

November 20-22

Wherever you are spiritually, Man Camp is an opportunity to separate yourself from the routine, to turn down the volume of the world, and speak authentically with other men. Of course there will be tons of fun stuff to do. But that’s not why we do this. The core reason we do this is to help you grow in your journey with Christ.


Guided Silent Retreat + Personal Retreats

February 7-9

Come and join us for this new retreat experience as we enter into silence and solitude alongside one another. This guided silent retreat is great for those that are familiar with the spiritual practice of retreat as well as those that have maybe never participated in a silent retreat before.


craft Camp

march 11-15

Get away for a weekend and dive into your creative side. Craft Camp will give you the time and space you need to continue old projects or start a new one! At Craft Camp, you’re encouraged to let your mess spread. It’s also a chance to tune into what God is doing in your life.

Women’s Retreat

March 19-21

This retreat is designed by women and for women. It’s purpose is to strengthen your relationship with God and those around you. Every year women from all over Minnesota make the trip up to Covenant Pines Bible Camp in order to refocus and have a peace-filled weekend.


Father Child Retreatfather child retreat covenant pines bible camp cpbc 

April 16-18

Quality time is so important for Fathers and kids. Just imagine the bonding that’s possible when you and your kids are removed from the fast-paced and distracting rhythm of everyday life. Come spend the weekend with us and create memories that will last a lifetime!

why retreat?

Life is crazy. Between work, sports, plays, choir, friends and family, it’s difficult for you to make time for God. Our adult retreats are a great way for you to take a small step back and refocus on your relationship with God. These extended times away from the to-dos of life are so essential for our spiritual growth. We invite you to come to a retreat for just that purpose. Look forward to great worship and Biblical messages from our speakers. Also, look forward to having a blast!