Family Retreats

our family retreats will help bring you closer to god and closer to each other.

We believe that camp is for the whole family. Our family retreats are an opportunity for you to create memories as a family. We work hard to provide an exciting and energizing environment. We also work hard to make sure that your time here will be beneficial to your spiritual walk with Christ.

Visit a specific retreat page for registration and for more information about pricing, dates, and activities.

Looking to plan your own family retreat? Visit our Host a Retreat page to get started.

Family Retreats


Father Child Retreatfather child retreat covenant pines bible camp cpbc

april 22-24, 2022

Quality time is so important for Fathers and kids. Just imagine the bonding that’s possible when you and your kids are removed from the fast-paced and distracting rhythm of everyday life. Come spend the weekend with us and create memories that will last a lifetime!


Work & Worship Retreat

may 27-29, 2022

Work and Worship Retreat is absolutely essential for getting camp ready for the Summer. Winter and Spring really does a number on the grounds and facilities at Covenant Pines. Without the generosity of folks like you, we would not be able to get camp ready for the 1,700 children that will be up here soon.


why retreat?

Life is crazy. Between work, parenting, sports, plays, choir, friends, it’s difficult to make time for God and for family. Our family retreats are a great way to take a small step back and refocus on God and each other. These extended times away from the to-dos of life are so essential for our spiritual growth. We invite you to come to a retreat for just that purpose. Look forward to great worship and Biblical messages from our speakers. Also, look forward to having a blast!