Firewood and Flannel

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Firewood and FlannelApr 11 - 14, 2024


Covenant Pines Bible Camp

Firewood and Flannel


Come work with us for a weekend! This Firewood and Flannel weekend is a volunteer opportunity that is free where we will be processing wood that is used throughout the year here at camp. There are a variety of skill-level projects that go into processing wood from taking down the trees, cleaning up after one comes down, and splitting the wood for campfires galore! This is an adult only retreat, and when we’ve finished after dinner we can enjoy some time in Scripture and worship together, play lots of games, and enjoy the fruits of our labor around a fire.

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Meals and Arrival

All meals will be provided for the weekend beginning with Thursday dinner and ending with Sunday breakfast. Feel free to arrive at camp at any point over the weekend! Please indicate on your registration when you plan to arrive so we can plan meals accordingly.


This weekend is free to all, camp will accept donations.