Our desire is that every child who wants come to camp can come to camp. Please don’t let finances be an obstacle. Below is information about requesting scholarships. If you require more assistance, please call 218.768.2610 or email the camp office.

The financial aid application is part of our online registration process. We can award you $100 for our week-long camps and $50 for our 3-day camps, Kids Kamp & Pathfinders. If you require more than that, please give us a call at 218.768.2610 or email us at We would love to work with you and get your kids to camp.


There is an online Scholarship Application that can be filled out during the online registration process. This form may be filled out by a church, or an individual. Scholarships will be awarded on or about May 15. In order to ensure that as many campers as possible benefit from this program, we request that you follow a simple application procedure:

  1. Personal Contribution: Consider what portion of camper fee you are able to pay personally and indicate that on the Scholarship Application. Due to the number of families in need of scholarships, it is not possible for us to provide full camper scholarships. The maximum amount that we can provide for any individual is $100 (or $50 for Kids Kamp or Pathfinders). The parent, church, or other sources may meet the remaining amount.
  2. Church Contribution: If you regularly attend a church, check to see if they are able to contribute a portion of the remaining sum. If so, they should fill in the contribution amount on the Scholarship Application and sign in the space provided. If they are not able to contribute, they should indicate so and sign to confirm this. If you do not attend a church, write “not applicable” in this space.
  3. Submit Application: Submit the Scholarship Application to Covenant Pines, and complete registration for your camper.

We sincerely hope that you will prayerfully complete this process. It is our desire that no child miss out on this opportunity due to financial hardship. If you feel that providing the remaining amount of the camper’s fee would prevent you from sending your child, please let us know and we will explore all options with you.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please call the camp office at 218.768.2610 during business hours.

Dakota County Scholarships

Dakota County offers scholarships to camps for children receiving social service assistance. Cases are handled individually, not through Covenant Pines. Please contact your social worker to determine if financial assistance is available.

Ramsey County Scholarships

Ramsey County
Human Services

Families in Ramsey County who get county services can contact their county case manager (social worker) to request a camp scholarship.

Case manager contacts goes through internal channels to relay & get approval for the request.

Determination of level of scholarship
No formal application process, but they will be asked:

  1. What amount can your family pay?
  2. What amount can your church subsidize?
  3. County scholarships may pick up balance.

Will be determined on a case-by-case situation.

Anoka County Scholarships

Anoka County
Children & Family Services Department
Jess Knorr

Limited Camp scholarships for Anoka County residents receiving county services. Priority goes to foster care families. Other families receiving services may also apply.

Have family contact their county case manager (social worker) to request camp scholarship. Case manager contacts Sandy Inman in Anoka Children & Family Services to relay the request.

Determination of level of scholarship

  1. What amount can your family pay?
  2. What amount can your church subsidize?
  3. County scholarships may pick up balance – not to exceed $140.00 per student.

Will be determined on a case-by-case situation by Children & Family Services – until funds are used up.