CPM Wish List

Help Make this Ministry Possible.

This ministry exists to encourage campers to take a next step in Christian faith. We rely on generous donors to make that possible. We have compiled a list of “Wish List” items that donors can purchase for one of our ministry centers.

There are a couple of ways to purchase items off of our Wish List. You can either click the donate link below and in the comments write in specifically what you would like camp to purchase on your behalf, or you can purchase the item and have it shipped directly to camp. If you choose to purchase the item yourself, please send an email to let us know we can expect it, and so that we can send you a receipt! Our addresses are listed below:

Covenant Pines Bible Camp
43696 245th Place
McGregor, MN 55760

Adventurous Christians
81 Bow Lake Rd.
Grand Marais, MN 55604

Adventurous Christians

Item (Click Link)  Number of Item Needed Cost Per Item 
Ceiling Light 1 Bulb 2 $17.99
Ceiling Light 2 Bulb 3 $25.99
GoPro for Trail 1 $299.99
Climbing ATC 1 $21.00
Climbing Carabiner 5 $14.95
Climbing Rope 1 $109.00
Anchor Webbing 1 $16.95
Long Anchor Webbing 1 $18.95

Silver Beach

Item (Click Link)  Number of Item Needed Cost Per Item