Youth Canoe Trips



Sr. High HorizonsJul 7 - 13, 2024

Jr. High New BoundariesJun 23 - 29, 2024




Adventurous Christians

Youth Canoe Trips

New this summer – open enrollment youth trips! These trips are designed for individuals to experience a wilderness canoe trip with Adventurous Christians.

Registration for Youth Canoe Trips will open on  December 1st.

Space is limited for these trips – we recommend you sign up early!

 Jr. High: New Boundaries

We are excited to have you join us for an adventure in the wilderness!  In 5 nights out in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness we will be challenged, learn wilderness skills and grow in our enjoyment of nature. Along the way we will build a community together that will learn how to help each other, explore our own view of ourselves, and practice looking for God’s character. Being immersed in God’s creation gives a special opportunity to experience personal and spiritual growth. AC guides will act as wilderness instructor, counselor, and co-traveler and together you will grow through the challenges and adventures that arise while traveling in the wilderness. As an introduction to the backcountry we’ll learn skills such as basic paddling and portaging, shelters, fire building, cooking and map and compass. It is a great introduction to wilderness camping!


Sr High: Horizons 

Are you ready for the next adventure?  This experience is designed for people who have already been on an AC trip or similar experience and are looking for the next challenge.  The goal of this trip is to grow in Christ through service, skill, and reflection.  The group will be called on to serve one another through care and leadership. The challenges will be a bit harder and so the skills will be deeper.  Skills will include advanced paddle strokes, a wider variety of paddle environments and conditions , stove use and care, emergency survival methods, and land navigation.  Lastly each person will be invited to dig deep in reflection on what they are experiencing. We believe spending time in God’s word on our own allows God to meet us in ways He does not get a chance to in our busy lives.  So are you ready?

These trips are designed for individuals or small groups of friends (2-4) who want a trail experience. If you are interested in taking a larger group on a canoe trip with Adventurous Christians, click here for more details.

Please note: our camp operates within the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in the Superior National Forest.  As a BWCAW Cooperator, this business is an equal opportunity service provider.

To register for this canoe trip, click here!

Trip Overview

AC trip itineraries have time devoted to learning skills, Bible study and enjoying time in God’s creation. Your trip will start with one night in base, then 5 nights on trail in the BWCAW before returning to camp. 

Arriving at AC

Campers can be dropped off at AC between 1 and 3 in the afternoon on Sunday. After families have left, campers will spend the rest of the day getting to know their group mates, going through canoe orientation and packing personal gear. 

Departure on Trail

The next morning the group starts with First Word (morning devotion), eats a hearty calorie-packed breakfast, and then gets dropped off at the entry point to begin their journey.

On Trail

The group is challenged by nature and portages. The group will learn to work together to make traveling more efficient. The group will also learn navigational skills, how to identify indigenous plants and trees, and basic creation stewardship from the guide among other wisdom. The guide also leads First and Last Word to further your growth with Jesus. The group will help in preparing meals and setting up/taking down camp.

Back At Camp

On Saturday, the group returns to camp. Here they will help clean up the equipment and then clean themselves in the sauna . After the Sauna, the group comes together again in the lodge for a gut-filling banquet meal and time to debrief and discuss what they learned on their trip. Campers will be picked up by their families between 1 and 3 in the afternoon on Saturday. 


The AC pick up/drop off location is located at the  Culver’s Parking Lot in Two Harbors, MN. Drop off is 12:00 pm on Sunday, pick up is Saturday at 3:30 pm. Please plan on eating lunch before dropping off your camper. If you would like to opt out of transportation and drop of/pick up your camper from camp, please contact the Camp Office.