Summer Camps


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God changes lives at Summer Camp. camp is a place where kids can feel safe, have fun, and grow.

Give your child just one week where their only task is be a kid and have a blast. Give them a week of summer camp.

Summer Camps

For over 60 years we have been using our Summer Camps to change lives and make Jesus known. Our summer camps are designed to encourage growth in all areas of a child’s life. We work hard to provide a loving, exciting and energizing environment where life-changing moments can happen on a daily basis.

We offer Youth Camps for kids entering grades 2-12. Visit the age group page for more information.

Bridge WEek

entering grade 3-6

This five day, four night camp is perfect for a 4th or 5th grader who isn’t quite feeling ready for the week long camp experience yet, or for the 3rd grader who is ready to take on more!


Kids Camp

entering grades 2-4

This 2 night, 3 day camp is perfect for first-time campers. They will come back hooked on camp and hooked on God. This is a great option for campers who’ve never been away from home.


entering grades 4-6

Experience all the fun and excitement that Covenant Pines Bible Camp has to offer for FIVE WHOLE DAYS! When campers come home after their week, they’ll feel “camp sick.”

Junior High

entering grades 6-8

Campers get to enjoy some special activities and privileges that they couldn’t at younger camps. They’ll also be challenged to ask big questions about God’s plan for their lives.

Senior High

entering grades 9-12

As you grow up, camp grows up with you. High School students are challenged by relevant speakers, powerful worship, and meaningful discussion with their friends and camp counselors.

Covenant Pines Bible Camp welcomes students entering grades 2 through 12 to attend our summer camp sessions. Each summer camp is different and each brings new activities and privileges. Trailblazers participate in more things than Kids Campers. High Schoolers enjoy more free time than they did in Junior High. As you grow up, camp grows up with you. This is also true of the spiritual depth of each youth camp. Tell your neighbors, invite your friends and register now! We look forward to seeing you at one of our summer camps this summer!