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Canoe Trips Available DatesJun 19 - Aug 22, 2021


$4254 nights (per person)

$4505 nights (per person)


Adventurous Christians

Canoe Trip arrivals and departures will be staggered this summer to ensure safety for all guests. To learn more about what dates are available, contact Lina. For a more thorough breakdown of our pricing, check out our Family Trip Rates or our Group Trip Rates.

Canoe Trips

AC specializes in guided Canoe trips and Wilderness experiences with the purpose of campers taking a next step in Christian faith.

Wilderness experiences are great for youth groups, families and friends to grow personally, in community and in their walk with Christ. The wilderness provides opportunities to be empowered through learning new skills, learn perseverance and problem solving by overcoming challenges and take the next step in christian faith through intentional fellowship and experiencing creation. We are excited to partner with you in shaping your experience so that your group gets the most out of their time in the wilderness!

Once you arrive at AC you will meet your trail guide who will be with you through your whole adventure. Your guide will help you learn the skills and use the gear needed to travel in the backcountry.  AC Guides also facilitate and help your group process the spiritual and community aspects of the experience. This summer, we are ensuring a safe and healthy canoe trip experience. Read more about our COVID-19 plans and adjustments, here.

Please note: our camp operates within the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in the Superior National Forest.  As a BWCAW Cooperator, this business is an equal opportunity service provider.

Trip Overview

AC trip itineraries have time set aside for learning skills, bible study and enjoying time in God’s creation. Most trips start with one night at camp and then 3-4 nights out in the BWCAW. However, we want to work with you to meet the needs of your group so let us know if you want to make adjustments. 

Arrival to AC

Groups arrive at camp in the afternoon and are met by their trail guide. The group goes through orientation including an overview of canoeing skills, packing gear, and learning Leave No Trace wilderness ethics. After dinner there is time for more group bonding and preparing before bed.

Depart for the Trail 

The next morning, after breakfast, groups get dropped off at their BWCA entry point to begin their journey.

On Trail

On a normal day on trail groups will cover 6-12 miles, cross multiple lakes and portages and prepare meals over the fire before curling up in their tent to go to bed. Throughout the day there will be opportunities to encounter challenges, practice stewardship of God’s creation and learn wilderness skills. Canoe groups work as a team to lift canoes, carry packs, set up tents, collect firewood, cook food, wash dishes and accomplish other activities needed to live outdoors. Each day your trail guide will lead devotions and quiet time will be set aside for Bible reading and journaling.

Back At Camp

At the end of a trip, groups will be picked up and return  to camp. Groups will clean up equipment, take a sauna, and eat a celebratory meal before heading home.

Family Canoe Trips

Pack up the minivan and take the family to the woods! You won’t find a better deal. We offer 3, 4 & 5 night packages, with the first night in base and the rest on trail. The schedule is the same as above. Click on the downloads in the sidebar to learn more about current rates and reservations. Contact us today to schedule your next trip!


4-Night Package (5 days)

o    Day 1: Arrival at AC at 2:00pm – Canoe Orientation, Packing, Dinner, Devotions

o    Day 2: Breakfast, Departure for canoe trip, BWCAW

o    Day 3: BWCAW

o    Day 4: BWCAW

o    Day 5: Morning pickup from BWCAW, equipment check-in, sauna, celebration meal. 

Depart around 1:00 pm

5-Night Package (6 days)

o    Day 1: Arrival at AC at 2:00pm – Canoe Orientation, Packing, Dinner, Devotions

o    Day 2: Breakfast, Departure for canoe trip, BWCAW

o    Day 3: BWCAW

o    Day 4: BWCAW

o    Day 5: BWCAW

o    Day 6:Morning pickup from BWCAW, equipment check-in, sauna, celebration banquet meal. 

Depart around 1:00pm


Your first night of your trip will be spent on our site to get a good night’s sleep before you head out on trail the next morning. You’ll stay in one of the locations below.

Portage Haus

The newest building at Adventurous Christians is the Portage Haus. It sleeps up to 40, is a year-round cabin, and has a large common meeting space. It is heated by an outdoor wood boiler for in-floor heat.

patten cabin

This cozy cabin at Adventurous Christians has 9 beds sleeps up to 15. It has a small kitchen, a living room, and is heated by a wood stove. It was built using local trees and logs.


Built in 2012, the Bunkhouse is a comfortable housing option at AC. This space sleeps 13, is heated by a propane heater, and is very close to our outhouses and main lodge.

Request Information

Request information

If you are interested in booking a trip with Adventurous Christians, please contact Lina.

Lina Swanson
Guest Service Director
Adventurous Christians
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