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Dates: Availabilty

Week 1Jun 17 - 22, 2019 Boys | Girls

Week 2Jun 24 - 29, 2019 Boys | Girls

Week 3Jul 1 - 6, 2019 Boys | Girls

Week 4Jul 8 - 13, 2019 Boys | Girls

Week 5Jul 15 - 20, 2019 Boys | Girls

Week 6Jul 22 - 27, 2019 Boys | Girls

Week 7Jul 29 - Aug 3, 2019 Boys | Girls

Week 8Aug 5 - 10, 2019 Boys | Girls


$250(Family Rates: $250-$275-$300 for 3-4-5 nights)

$375(4-night package)

$400(5-night package)

$350(4 nights, 24+ people)

$375(5 nights, 24+ people)


Adventurous Christians

For a more thorough breakdown of our pricing, check out our Family Trip Rates or our Group Trip Rates.

Canoe Trips

Experience the Power of God in the breathtaking, rugged country of the Boundary Waters on the Gunflint Trail!

AC employs knowledgeable wilderness guides to ensure that your group has a safe and exciting trip. Our guides lead creative devotions to further your relationship with Jesus and to fulfill the AC mission of finding God in a wilderness setting. The guides model good creation stewardship and practice the Leave No Trace philosophy.

AC has high-quality equipment to help make your experience in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) very enjoyable.  We also have a creative trail menu that offers hearty, filling meals with delicious desserts.

We can successfully lead 5 trips at a time. Canoe trips are available from May through mid October with Monday arrivals.  Permits are required for the BWCAW; there can only be 9 campers per permit (8 per group plus our guide).  Our packages INCLUDES all USFS camping and permit fees (which are a $10.00/reservation fee, and user fees of $16/adult & $8/youth).

Please note: our camp operates within the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in the Superior National Forest.  As a BWCAW Cooperator, this business is an equal opportunity service provider.

Trip Overview

AC has an outstanding canoe trip itinerary that leaves guests coming back again and again. We offer 4 & 5 night packages, with the first night in base and the rest on trail. All trips begin with arriving on Monday’s at AC.

Arrival to AC

Groups arrive Monday afternoon and are greeted by friendly Christian staff & meet your guide. The group goes through a series of rotations to prepare for your trips including hands on canoe orientation, learning the basics of traveling in the wilderness, personal packs and planning the route of the canoe trip. We have wonderful barbecue dinner, followed immediately with Last Word, a devotional led by staff. Once that is done, the group and staff will have fellowship in the lodge with hot drinks and goodies.

Departure on Trail

The next morning the group starts with First Word (morning devotion), eats a hearty calorie-packed breakfast, and then gets dropped off at the entry point to begin their journey.

On Trail

The group is challenged by nature and portages. The group will learn to work together to make traveling more efficient. The group will also learn navigational skills, how to identify indigenous plants and trees, and basic creation stewardship from the guide among other wisdom. The guide also leads First and Last Word to further your growth with Jesus. The group will help in preparing meals and setting up/taking down camp.

Back At Camp

After many days on trail, the group returns to camp. Here they will help clean up the equipment and then clean themselves in the sauna. After the sauna, the group comes together again in the lodge for a gut-filling banquet meal. The group then heads out back home.

Family Canoe Trips

Pack up the minivan and take the family to the woods! You won’t find a better deal. We offer 3, 4 & 5 night packages, with the first night in base and the rest on trail. All trips begin with arriving on Mondays at AC. The schedule is the same as above. Click on the downloads in the sidebar to learn more about current rates and reservations. Contact us today to schedule your next trip!


4-Night Package (5 days)

Day 1-Mon: Arrival at AC, BWCAW preparation, Barbecue, Trip planning, Worship
Day 2-Tue: Breakfast, Departure for canoe trip, BWCAW
Day 3-Wed: BWCAW
Day 4-Thu: BWCAW
Day 5-Fri: Morning pickup from BWCAW, equipment check-in, sauna, celebration banquet meal.Depart for home around 1:00pm

5-Night Package (6 days)

Day 1-Mon: Arrival at AC at 2:00pmBWCAW preparation, Bar-B-Que, Trip planning, Worship
Day 2-Tue: Breakfast, Departure for canoe trip, BWCAW
Day 3-Wed: BWCAW
Day 4-Thu: BWCAW
Day 5-Fri: BWCAW
Day 6-Sat: Morning pickup from BWCAW, equipment check-in, sauna, celebration banquet meal. Depart for home around 1:00pm


Your first night of your trip will be spent on our site to get a good night’s sleep before you head out on trail the next morning. You’ll stay in one of the locations below.

Portage Haus

The newest building at Adventurous Christians is the Portage Haus. It sleeps up to 40, is a year-round cabin, and has a large common meeting space. It is heated by an outdoor wood boiler for in-floor heat.

patten cabin

This cozy cabin at Adventurous Christians has 9 beds sleeps up to 15. It has a small kitchen, a living room, and is heated by a wood stove. It was built using local trees and logs.


Built in 2012, the Bunkhouse is a comfortable housing option at AC. This space sleeps 13, is heated by a propane heater, and is very close to our outhouses and main lodge.

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Request information

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