2017 Year-End Campaign


Momentum: 2017 Year-End Campaign

Gifts Received Since Thanksgiving: $52,606 / $85,000 (Goal)

Days become months. Months become seasons. Seasons become years. Momentum is created slowly and then grows and strengthens. You are part of a ministry that has over 60 years of momentum.

The following words were spoken at the dedication ceremony of Covenant Pines Bible Camp in 1955:

“These grounds are dedicated for worship in prayer and praise; for the ministry of the Word of God and the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. These grounds are dedicated for the instruction of children and youth in the truths of the Christian faith, for the promotion of Christian character; for help in Christian living…”

In 2017, Covenant Pines Ministries continues to live into these original intents. Our ministry has grown into a family of camping experiences. Each unique and each significant in how they encourage campers to take a next step in Christian faith. The forward momentum and missional fulfillment of CPM has been possible because of men, women, kids and families who give sacrificially.

It is now your turn to add to the momentum through a financial gift. Together we strengthen a ministry that changes one life at a time.

What We Do With Your Gift:

All money received through this campaign will go toward Ministry Support and will be used to enhance the reach and effectiveness of our four ministries. Your gift will support counselors, trail guides, speakers who share the Gospel message, continuing education for full-time staff, marketing to draw new campers, and so much more.

For over 60 years, the reach and impact of Covenant Pines Ministries has been growing. Your donation will keep that momentum growing.