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New Health Center To Be Constructed at AC

adventurous christians canoe trips northern minnesota bwcaw boundary watersThose who have been to AC know that the camp is intentionally rustic. We heat our buildings with wood-burning stoves, we bathe in the sauna, and we only have running water in one building. We want to continue to provide that experience while also enhancing the way we care for the health and safety of our guests. Additionally, we have a need for more housing for our year-round staff. So this past March, the Covenant Pines Ministries Board of Directors approved the fundraising and construction of a new Health Center with staff housing at Adventurous Christians.

The AC leadership, along with a planning committee, is currently working hard on this project. The plan is to construct this building somewhere where we can tap into the existing water and septic systems. Thanks to an extremely generous donation, this project is already fully funded. Praise God. Construction on the Gunflint Trail can be arduous. It is difficult to find contractors with the right availability and it takes a long time to get materials all the way to AC and to the construction site. We are hoping to break ground sometime in the next year.

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