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Saying Goodbye to Brad & Brooke

In 2016, Brad & Brooke Shannon joined the CPM staff as Directors of Adventurous Christians. For the past two and half years these two, along with their three children, have been a key part of what makes AC so special. They served everyone who came to AC with Christ-like humility and care. Under their leadership, construction on the new Portage Haus building was completed, the roof of the lodge was replaced, and significant funds were raised for new building projects. Aside from these more visible projects, Brad and Brooke also organized and upgraded many behind-the-scenes parts of camp. They streamlined administrative processes, cleaned up the physical property, and recruited new groups and volunteers. Operating under the philosophy that “everything speaks,” they have brought intentionality and care into every aspect of AC.

We are sad to see the Shannons leave. They will be sorely missed. We’re thankful for their loving stewardship of AC during their time with us. They helped many people take their next steps with Christ on trail and on site. Please join us in praying for them as they take their next steps as a family.