Annie’s Story

“I came to camp at a low point. Camp taught me that God is always with me.”

Camp has changed my life in so many ways. It all started when I went as a second grader to kids’ camp. It was full of fun and energy. As years went on, throughout grade school, I developed a love for camp so strong that it was the best thing of the year. I started talking about it in the fall when I didn’t go up until the next year in summer. One year I made a countdown till camp that started at 250 days. Camp was full of fun and exciting memories that carried me into seeing that there was this relationship with God that was big and special.

I accepted Christ up at camp when I was very little in a place where I could be myself. When I was in Junior High, it was a tough time trying to find myself and God. I came to camp at my lowest point in my life and in my lowest; God came to me at camp teaching me that he is always with us and we need him always. Those lessons have stuck with me and I continue to seek him. I renewed my relationship at camp at that time and God is still teaching and growing in me in our relationship. Camp has taught me how special a relationship with God is.

As high school came around, I wanted to give back all the love and excitement camp gave me, so I started working on junior staff as a Leader in Training and Junior Counselor. I got to share and be a part of kid’s lives at camp, the same way camp gave to me when I was their ages. With working at camp, I also had the chance to be a camper again and even invited a friend who fell in love with camp the first time.

Camp is a place for anyone, no matter what their faith looks like. Camp has been a place where I have grown with Christ and my relationship wouldn’t be where it is today without camp. Camp will always have a place in my heart and I can’t wait to see where God leads me in my future. I have camp to be thankful for setting me up for life with Christ by my side.

Thanks for everything CPBC!
Annie Carlson