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What Is The Crossover?

The sun beats down on your face. You stop paddling for a quick break. The sudden lack of motion causes a soothing silence. You take sip of water from your Nalgene. The silence gives way to the sound of waves gently bumping into the metal canoe. Birds chirp overhead. The persistent buzzing of summer insects makes it’s way across the lake. You’re warm. You’re sweaty. You’re exhausted. And you’re 100% in the moment. Thoughts of school, sports, and all things routine are far from your mind. All you’re thinking about is your canoe, the lake, the trees, your trip companions, and the God who created it all. That is The Crossover.

We are very excited to offer this trips-based camping experience at Adventurous Christians for the first time ever. For 6 days you will experience the Power of God and the Love of Christ as you canoe through the Boundary Waters with your group. You sign up as an individual just like you would when registering for a Junior High week of summer camp. You’ll get on the bus, travel to CPBC, and have lunch. From there you’ll hop in a van and drive up keep driving up to Adventurous Christians, just north of Grand Marais, MN. You’ll spend the first day on site. You’ll get to know your traveling companions and go through some basic orientation. On day two the group sets out for the most memorable week of your summer. The trip guides at AC will be there for guidance and expertise. The staff will not only provide camping guidance, but spiritual wisdom. The staff does all of this for one reason; to deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Start your adventure today.

Senior High Trip: July 25-30

Junior High Trip: Aug 1-6