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“A true Christian Community” | Employment at Covenant Pines

“This summer changed my life.”

“Why can’t we just do this all year round?”

“Best summer ever.”

These are common phrases uttered by Summer Staff at the end their employment here at Covenant Pines. My personal favorite came from a first-year counselor on his last day:

“This is what a true Christian Community looks like. This is what I want when I go back to College.”

There is something truly miraculous about working a summer at Covenant Pines. You experience the kind of community that Luke describes as “one in heart and mind.”1 Everyone on staff, from counselor to maintenance worker, is motivated by a single purpose: to help campers experience the love of Christ. The staff supports each other, motivates each other, and holds each other accountable. In this kind of community, miracles happen on a daily basis.

If you work at CPBC this summer, you will walk alongside young people on their spiritual path. You will witness youth making eternally significant decisions.You will make life-long friends. You will grow in your faith. You will put paint on your face several times a day. You will play ridiculous games. You will lose your voice every week. You will be sweaty and exhausted. At the end of every week, your bones will ache and your muscles will be sore, but that won’t stop you from staying up late and traveling to Duluth with your new best friends. Not a single person walks away from their twelve-week stint unchanged.

While there are still many jobs open, the jobs below are of special interest. If you are interested in any of these positions, please email Holly Larson:

Waterfront Director: waterfront

The waterfront is perhaps the best thing about Covenant Pines. As the Waterfront Director, you will supervise a team of 4 lifeguards. You are responsible for creating a safe and fun environment for everything relating to the waterfront. In addition, you will design and implement a weekly “Beach Bash” for the entire camp. You will witness the joy created by the beautiful waterfront every single day.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Supervise waterfront programs and equipment in regards to safety and cleanliness. Provide instruction or supervise instruction of swimming, boating, sailing, and waterskiing. Drive speed boat/pontoon. Coordinate guard rotations during free time and to Silver Beach.

QUALIFICATIONS: At least 19 years of age. Current Red Cross Lifeguard certificate. Experience on camp waterfront. Supervisory experience.


Maintenance: maintenance

As a maintenance guy or gal, you are the backbone of camp. Wherever there’s a leaky sink, you’ll be there. Wherever there’s a burned out light bulb, you’ll be there. This position requires a hard working attitude and a willingness to learn. We are also looking for someone who is a good team member as you will work closely with the other members of the maintenance crew all summer.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Work with Assistant Maintenance Director in maintaining safe, clean, and well-repaired facilities and grounds. Assist in cleaning of bathrooms, cabins, and buildings.

 QUALIFICATIONS: Mechanical abilities. Experience working with tools. Safety conscious. Able to be thorough.

1 Acts 4:32 (NIV)