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Covenant Pines Bible Camp

A Word on Fall Calendar Changes

While there will be new and different things this fall at camp, there will be much that is familiar too. Our desire at Covenant Pines is to create a program that invites you all into deeper community with the circles you’re already a part of. We desire to give you space to play together, to laugh together, to slow down together, to retreat and experience God together. And I think that’s the best of what camp is, right? So while there won’t be corporate worship in the sense we’re all used to at camp this fall, there will be space for you to experientially engage in worship. While there won’t be a big game of Capture the Duck, there will be other big games for you to play with your people and compete against the other campers. Senior High Fall Retreat is designed with youth groups in mind. Quilt and Craft Retreat will continue to invite crafters into community together around their shared experiences. Man Camp might be a smaller group but will hold the same playfulness and authentic conversations we’ve come to expect when we’re together. Fall Retreats are a new model of retreat that provide families a breath of fresh air and quality time together.

As I reflect on a new normal as we continue to live with COVID-19 after nearly 7 months of disruption, I feel the deep need for connection. I feel the deep need for community and for the ways I know God shows up when we’re together. Being together looks different then what any of us expected at the beginning of 2020. As we plan and creatively prepare for a different looking fall around here at Covenant Pines, I find God’s Spirit in the truth that we need community. Join us this fall—with your family, your youth group, your friends, whoever—knowing that when we’re together, God’s heart is reflected more fully. I can say confidently that this fall will be filled with much joy and laughter and God’s presence will be felt deeply, all while experiencing community in safe ways this season. God reminded us of his faithfulness this summer, and I know he has new things in store for the seasons ahead.

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