In July of 2020, after months of brainstorming, pivoting and ultimately cancelling our summer youth programs, we found ourselves in a financial crisis. We knew we needed the support from our churches, individuals and businesses to move forward into 2021. We launched our Seeing The Big Picture Campaign – a fundraising effort to raise $250,000 by the end of the year.

Today we conclude our Big Picture Campaign with $311,025. We are overwhelmed with gratitude – this exceeds our goal more than $60,000. We are so thankful to serve such a faithful God who has provided for us through your generosity.

In addition to our Big Picture Campaign, we also received $161,965 in restricted gifts in the past six months. These are gifts given to scholarships, capital improvements, the new Worship Center and other designated areas of ministry. This totals $472,990 given in the past six months by 474 individuals, churches and businesses.

We could not have done this without you. Thank you – from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. We are now able to look to the future and even cover some anticipated income loss in 2021 thanks to these gifts. We have so hopeful for this next year in ministry.

Now what?

Your gifts will benefit campers for generations to come. These funds have put us in a good financial position going into 2021, allowing us to continue to do ministry and encourage campers to take a next step in Christian faith. As we move forward into 2021, we will continue to update you on what is happening at CPM, and we still encourage you to keep us in mind as you discern where to donate. We know this year will be different, but we also know God is faithful! Our summer 2021 registration opens Monday at CPBC, and Canoe Trip registration is underway at AC.

Seeing the Big Picture Campaign Reflection




Take a step back.

When we do that, we gain a perspective that we can miss when our focus is in close. In July, Covenant Pines Ministries launched the Big Picture Campaign to raise $250,000 prior to December 31st. In essence, this was an attempt to step back from the day to day details of our COVID19 decision making and gain a better perspective on the financial health of our ministry. I’m thankful for the many individuals, families and churches who have responded. We have made progress, but still have a ways to go.

The COVID crisis has forced all of us to step back in different ways. I have appreciated the time to reflect on the ministry impact of CPM. As a former camper and counselor, I’ve thought of the many ways my life has been shaped through CPBC. From early childhood memories to hearing a call to ministry to being mentored as a young staff member, camp has shaped who I am.

As the picture above shows, on a sunny day in July, I was able to gather with my two predecessors: Mark Cairns and Bruce Peterson. Mark and Bruce represent 41 years of leadership for Covenant Pines. In 1973, Mark (who is also my father) was hired as the first Year-Round Camp Manager. I tell people that he was hired to run the summer ministry and winterize the property. In the Fall of 1977, our family left and Bruce Peterson arrived. During the next 37 years, camp would grow and expand exponentially in both facilities and breadth of ministry.

These two men represent years of care and investment in Covenant Pines Ministry. They also have cared for and invested in me throughout my life. And that is the Big Picture I want to remind us all of today. Yes, camp is a group of buildings located on certain pieces of property, but it is so much more. It is campers exploring the Boundary Waters for the first time. It is families slowing down enough to talk about faith matters. It is a junior high boy feeling God nudge them towards ministry. It is the summer staff of guides, cooks, counselors and life guards talking about Jesus with campers.

As you reflect on the Big Picture of CPM, I encourage you to envision the way God used staff, scriptures, worship, prayer and creation to shape you and your family. The Big Picture of CPM is Changed Lives.

To learn more about the Seeing the Big Picture Campaign, visit here.