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Church Spotlight: Genesis Covenant Church

We’re excited that there’s a new Church in the Cities! It’s called Genesis Covenant Church and we asked their head pastor, Steve Wiens (pictured) to write just a short blurb about what’s going on so far at their church. They’re kind of liturgical and their coffee isn’t that bad! You should check them out.

“Genesis Covenant Church is a new church plant that meets at Sabes Jewish Community Center in St. Louis Park. The people who started Genesis are betting the farm that God is still inviting all of us into new beginnings, sometimes even out of tragic endings. We believe the truest thing about Jesus, and about Christianity, is that we are being made new, over and over again. We are in the process of cultivating a community of ordinary people who hope to be characterized by things like simplicity, restoration, sacred rhythms, delight, and attentiveness – to God and to each other. One of the things we’re most grateful for as a new church plant is the generational diversity we’re experiencing. We are young and old, we wear dockers and tattoos, and we are learning from each other all the time. You can check us out at our website, or feel free to drop by some Sunday morning at 10:30am at Sabes.”

~Pastor Steve