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Volunteer at Camp

Connect with camp on a whole new level. Camp is looking for volunteers to help out during one of our busiest seasons of the year, winter. Once the holidays are over our calendar is filled with groups taking advantage of our winter weather; playing broomball, snowshoeing, ice fishing, cross country skiing or just sitting by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate. We need volunteers to help in the kitchen, keep firewood stocked, or pitch in on one of the many projects we have going on around camp.

Please don’t let a lack of knowledge or perceived skill set keep you from volunteering. Camp is looking for people of all ages and abilities to pitch in. Housing varies by weekend, but camp will feed and house you for free. Don’t underestimate the impact you can have. Our staff is strengthened and encouraged and our ministry multiplies each time someone chooses to volunteer at camp.

Below is a short testimony from a camp volunteer, Wilder Freed. Read what he has to say about his experience helping out for a weekend.

“When we came up to camp to volunteer, we had a blast! There’s something about being able to give back through service; I felt like the time we spent working on projects at camp also served to help me clear my head of distractions, and scrub away some of the things that hinder me back home. It was a chance for us as a group to bond as brothers while earnestly working in service to Christ, and when the weekend was over, all we talked about on the way home was when we could come again.” ~ Wilder Freed

We are primarily looking for weekend volunteers, but if your schedule is flexible we could also use you during the week. We would love to have a few people from your women’s Bible study, men’s group, youth group, or even your individual family, serve at camp sometime this New Year.

Covenant Pines would not be where it is today without the faithful support and sweat given by past volunteers. Our goal for 2015 is to increase participation to include all of our 40 owner churches. Help us make this dream a reality, and have a whole lot of fun serving God at Covenant Pines. Please contact Angie Sampson or call the camp office 218 768-2610 to volunteer today.