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A Canoe Trip Family Experience

In the past year, families have likely spent A LOT of time together at home. After being cooped up together at home for a year with lots of screen time between distance learning, working from home and extra downtime…maybe it is time for a family wilderness adventure! We talked with Jeanie Everson, who took her family on an Adventurous Christians Canoe Trip for a family trip in 2018. She is happy to share her experience and why you should consider it this summer!


Jeanie and her family went on a canoe trip as a family vacation in 2018. At the time, her children were ages 15 and 12. 


What made your family decide to take a canoe trip at Adventurous Christians?

We decided to take the canoe trip with AC because I (Jeanie) had had such significantly good experiences in the BWCA as a college student, and I really wanted the family to share this kind of experience together at least once. When we found out AC does trips like this, especially for the price, we were thankful and excited. Finally, knowing we’d all be without cell phones the entire time was a big plus – knowing we’d be “fully present.”

What was it like having an AC guide with your family on your canoe trip? 

Having the AC guide was super helpful. With the guide, we knew we would get help with navigation plus help with knowing exactly what stuff to bring, etc. Thus, all of us could “enjoy” more and leave some of those critical details to the guide. We loved having the morning and evening devotions, too.

What was the highlight of your family’s trip to AC? 

The highlight of our trip was the double night at Lake Esther when we swam around for fun, hiked up to a lookout and found a HUGE amount of blueberries which we ate then and added to the next morning’s pancakes. My daughter’s highlight was portaging a canoe for an entire portage. The whole experience was a highlight of our kids’ growing up years – they’ve told us!

Would you feel comfortable going on a canoe trip as a family in the midst of COVID-19?

We would definitely feel comfortable going on a canoe trip as a family in the midst of COVID-19. In fact, I’d say with so many opportunities that are not safe, this is one that can be done with full confidence and no worries. It might even be a better time to do it because kids won’t miss out on other opportunities that are not running due to COVID.

What would you say to encourage families to consider this as a family vacation experience? 

I’d say, “Do it!” There are very few family experiences during which each person contributes to help make it happen, each person can enjoy different parts (which helps each other person notice something new), you can all be fully “present” (without phones/internet) AND NOT MISS THAT, while enjoying extraordinary beauty and fun (swimming, hiking, etc).

Anything else you want to add? 

I’m willing to bet most families will come through this with a better/stronger bond as a family.

If your family is interested in going on a canoe trip this summer, contact Lina Swanson at AC. We have openings June 20-July 3 and August 8-21 with flexible arrival and departure dates, depending on the schedule.