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Covenant Pines Bible Camp

Work at CPBC in Summer 2021

We currently have an urgent need for Summer Staff this summer. Read a note from our Program Director, Natalie Swanson below about what staff can expect this summer, as well as why a young adult should consider joining us! 

It’s starting to feel like summer around here in McGregor—the ice is off of both Davis and Round lakes, buds are appearing on trees, and there is lots of buzz about the summer registrations coming in. You can feel the excitement of our year-round staff as we pray for our summer season each week; campers are ready to come back to camp this summer and we’re creatively dreaming about all the fun and safe experience we get to make for them. But alongside that excitement in our year round staff is growing anxiety—we have lots of campers who are pumped to be back at camp and not nearly enough summer staff to be with them. Camp is such a fun experience in large part because of our young adults who carry out our mission all summer long. And we need more of those young adults!

I know that camp will feel different in ways this summer—we’ll still be greeting each other indoors smiling under masks. Cabin sizes will be smaller. We’ll be spending a lot more time outside. Summer will feel different for our summer staff team as well—we know that. And while I also feel a sense of loss for the things that will look different this summer, I feel far more excitement and hope. Camp is happening and camp will feel like camp. We’ll still have chapel, we’ll still play our favorite big games, and we’ll still make lifelong friends and grow closer to Christ all summer long. Let’s focus on the hope we feel as summer nears—hope for the good work God will absolutely do in the lives in campers and staff this summer. And you’re a young adult reading this—or you’ve got a young adult in your life that you love—we need you. We need staff that love Jesus and love campers. We need staff that gets excited about playing outside all day and hanging out with people. We’re eager for all that God is going to do this summer, and we need young adults to join us in carrying that out. Will you consider joining our team? Check out our website for more info and applications: