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Minnehaha Academy Leadership Institute Kicks off Canoe Trips at Adventurous Christians 

Adventurous Christians canoe season is officially underway, with the Leadership Institute Fellows from Minnehaha Academy heading out on trail the second week of June. Fourteen Upper School students joined us on what the school calls a “Leadership Training Trip” and what we often refer to as the “Minnehaha Academy Leadership Adventure.” Camp Director, Matt White shares some reflections on the trip below. 

The group arrived very excited and ready for fun, but left with memories that hold not only fun, but thoughtful challenges. They all pretty well agreed that the lack of media, pressure and competition for their time was welcome and eye opening.  Many students said what they really will remember is the simplicity of living without many things.  A number of students claimed a sharper sense of perspective on what is important and what they would perhaps like to try to do differently.  They were challenged with the idea that if they could make the changes they aspire to a reality in their lives, at this time of life, they will be able to do it most anywhere.  We applaud them for their work and wish the best for them as they return home and practice the leadership development and spiritual growth experienced on their trip.  We hope their experience allows them to lead themselves and their peers towards a healthy school culture.

One student upon reflecting shared, I have never had quiet time and had thoughts (about God) like that.  I didn’t realize I was even capable of the thought and contemplation I experienced. When it came time to share a first word with the group I didn’t know my words could be helpful.”

This trip is such a fun and encouraging way to kick off our summer canoe season. We are looking forward to many more!