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Common Questions for the First Time Parent

Sending your child to camp for the first time is a BIG deal. We completely understand and we do not take the responsibility lightly! At Covenant Pines, work hard to establish trust with parents to make sure you feel confident sending your child to camp. Earlier this month, we held our Parent Coffee Open House, and thought we’d share some common questions we get from first time parents sending their children to Covenant Pines. 

Question: Can my child contact me if they are missing home? 

Answer: We discourage campers from using their phones/devices while at camp for a multitude of reasons. If your child is really having a difficult time, they can talk to their counselor who will discuss with one of our full time staff about calling home from the office. One of our staff will touch base with the parent to come up with a plan. Usually a call home isn’t even necessary! You can always email your camper by using our email system ( or send them notes to open each day. We also upload photos to facebook each day so you can see your camper having fun! 

Question: My child will feel much more comfortable if they are with a friend, will they be placed in the same cabin as their friends? 

Answer: We do our very best to honor the cabin pals listed on registration forms. We group cabins together by cabin pals and then by church. If your camper’s friend is listed as a cabin pal on their registration, they will be in a cabin together. 

Question: How are your counselors trained? 

Answer: We spend two weeks before summer training our staff on many topics – including emotional and spiritual development, First Aid + CPR, camper safety and more. Each one of our staff are required to pass a background check, as well as complete MinistrySafe training, which is a sexual abuse awareness training. 

Question: My child is neurodivergent. Is Covenant Pines equipped to care for my child? 

Answer: Yes! We want Covenant Pines to be a welcoming place to all campers. What is most helpful to us is having enough information ahead of time to accommodate your camper. Please fill out your campers health form thoroughly, and feel free to reach out to us if you’d feel better about an in person conversation. We have served many neurodivergent campers over the years and they have a great time at Covenant Pines. We’ll work together to make sure it is a positive experience. 

Question: How much money should I load in my camper’s camper wallet? 

Answer: We have a cashless system at Covenant Pines, so campers have spending money loaded into their “camper wallet” on their registration. Campers spend money at the canteen, craft hall and camp store. Canteen and craft hall items range from $1-$5, while camp store items vary and are more expensive. Here is a list of sample items in our camp store and their cost to give you an idea! You can also load more money into camper wallet throughout the week. 

Click here to see a complete list of FAQ’s on our website. Of course, if your question hasn’t been answered, please reach out to us! You can start be emailing our Office at