Moving the Horizon

2022 Year End Appeal


Moving the Horizon 

2022 Year End Appeal

Support Covenant Pines Ministries as we look to Move the Horizon in 2023.

The Horizon is where the reality we know merges with the future we can only envision. It is a fleeting location that continues to move away as we draw closer. Now turn this concept towards Covenant Pines Ministries. Our focus over the past two years has very much been on navigating the impact of COVID on our ministry. The Horizon we’ve looked towards has been almost  underfoot. We’ve adjusted, pivoted and reframed so many times, it is hard to keep track.

At the same time, we have experienced significant financial challenges as CPM has not been immune to the financial impacts of inflation and lingering COVID concerns.

  • In 2022, we have served 78% of the number of campers we served in during the same time in 2019
  • Our propane price per gallon has increased 77%
  • Our food costs are up 20%

As 2022 comes to an end, I ask that you join me in Moving The Horizon. While we celebrate what has been done in the past 12 months, I know God has much in store for Covenant Pines Ministries. For us to finish well in 2022, we need to raise $150,000 in unrestricted ministry supporting gifts.

I want to thank the many of you who have pledged restricted gifts towards the Next Steps Campaign. Your gifts are bringing the new Worship Center closer to reality. We hope to begin construction in 2023.

Thank you for your partnership with us in fulfilling this mission.

God is changing lives through Covenant Pines Ministries.

Dave Cairns

Executive Director, Covenant Pines Ministries 


Help us complete our goal! Below you will see our Horizon – each time you help us move it by raising $30,000, a piece of the sunset will be filled in!