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New Website Is So Much More Than a New Website

We are very excited about our new website. The new site is mobile responsive, intuitive, attractive to new visitors, and full of information for returning visitors. But more than that, our new site reflects a significant change in what it means to be “Covenant Pines.”

Over the past few years, God has led us to ask some big questions. Who are we? What is Covenant Pines Bible Camp? What is Adventurous Christians? Silver Beach? Day Camp? What does it mean to be Covenant Pines Ministries? What is our purpose? What is our mission? Our new website is one way that we are communicating the answers to those questions.

Why we exist

Camp Changes Lives.

That’s what you see when you land on our homepage. Those three simple words. We believe it’s true and that’s what drives us. That’s why the McGregor property was purchased in 1954. That’s why Adventurous Christians was founded. That’s why we bring Day Camp to the Cities. We have seen God grab hold of people at camp countless times. At camp, God gets our attention. He tells us He loves us. He convicts us. He saves us. He gives us direction. He gives us strength for the next step in our journey with Him. Of course, God is doing this at all times and in all places, not just at camp. When your life is changed, it’s the Holy Spirit speaking and it’s you making the choice to listen and respond. Camp helps with this process by removing obstacles, creating a loving community, and pointing you toward Christ. All you have to do is take a step.

our mission

The staff and board, under the leadership of our Executive Director, Dave, spent some time reevaluating our mission statement last year. Through some prayer and discussion, the board decided on this:

The mission of CPM is to encourage campers to take a next step in Christian faith.

We have a shortened version of this: “Encouraging campers to take a next step in Christian Faith.” This is the mission of everything we do in all of our ministries. Anyone who participates in anything we do is considered a camper. Whether you’re 3 or 103, you’re a camper. Whether you’re at Women’s Retreat or on a Canoe Trip, you’re a camper. Every camper will be encouraged to take a next step while they are participating in our programs. We don’t know exactly what that step is for everyone. Only God knows that. But our loving staff, the beautiful environment, and our intentional programming will gently encourage you and help you discern what that next step is. Our goal is that this happens for all ages at all of our ministries.

covenant pines ministries

Covenant Pines Ministries (CPM) is 4 different camping experiences: CPBC, Adventurous Christians, Silver Beach, and Day Camp. However, we have noticed that many people aren’t aware of that. For the past few years, we have sought to unify these 4 Experiences.

You may have noticed that we have changed the way we present Covenant Pines in our communications. Our newsletters are no longer separated into one from CPBC and another from Adventurous Christians. The emails you get from us are now from Covenant Pines Ministries and contain news stories from all 4 ministry centers. You may have seen some of our banners, pamphlets, videos, and web graphics that include all 4 ministries.

If you’ve been paying really close attention, you may have noticed that we change the way we talk about Covenant Pines. We have been intentional to say “Covenant Pines Bible Camp” when referring to CPBC instead of just “Covenant Pines.” You may have heard our staff say that we are a “Family of Christian Camping Experiences.” Maybe you’ve heard Dave say that we are “1 Ministry, with 2 properties, and 4 ministry centers.”

The new website seeks to solidify this even further. The design, to the organization of pages, and even the web address all work to convey the fact that we are 1 ministry.

new site structure

One site for all 4 ministries

Previously we had 5 separate websites; one for each ministry and one for Covenant Pines Ministries. Now we’ve condensed it all into one website. We tried to design the site so that it is still very easy to navigate to a specific program or ministry.

condensing what we offer

Everything we offer has been condensed into 5 categories. Previously, you would have to first determine what ministry your desired event would fall under, navigate to that ministry site, and then find the program. Now it’s all accessible from our homepage. The 5 categories are below:

  1. Camps
    • You’ll find summer camps, day camps, and family camps information.
  2. Retreats
    • Here you’ll see Adult Retreats, Youth Retreats, Family Retreats, and planning/hosting your own retreat with us.
  3. Rentals
    • This is where you would go if you’re interested in renting a cabin for your family or friends. You’ll be directed to Silver Beach and Adventurous Christians
  4. Outdoor Adventures
    • This category is for all of AC’s programming: Wilderness Retreats, Canoe Trips, and The Crossover.
  5. Events
    • Any standalone event: Golf Tournament, Annual Meeting, AC Banquet, Parent Coffees, etc.

“For Parents” Page

Something else we’re excited about is our “For Parents” section. This falls under “Camps” and can also be found on the sidebar of all individual camps such as “Trailblazers.” This page functions as your one-stop shop for answers to your questions. If you’re looking for a packing list, bus departure information, scholarship information, etc. it’s on there.

for both new and returning visitors

We took a look at our website analytics and found that around 52% of the people who come to our website are new visitors; meaning they are visiting our website for the first time. We want these new visitors to feel welcomed into our unique community. We want them to know who we are and what we do almost instantly. We also want to guide them seamlessly toward whatever program they might be interested in.

However, we also know that many people who use our site are coming back because they want to quickly find some important information, read our latest news, or find a link to send to a friend. We believe that this website is helpful for both new visitors and returning users. If you have no idea what you’re looking for, the website will guide you. If you know exactly what you’re looking for, it should be very easy to find.

malley design

This new site was designed and developed by Malley Design. We enjoy working with this company immensely and not just because the owners used to work on summer staff at CPBC. They have been instrumental in helping us convey the message of who we are and what God is doing through Covenant Pines. We highly recommend them to anyone needing design work.