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AC at Recharge Conference

During January and February, I had the chance to attend 3 Recharge Conferences throughout the midwest. I talked with a lot of Youth Pastors and shared about what AC has to offer.

Recharge is a one-day conference for youth pastors and youth volunteers. They hold these winter events all over the Midwest. I had the privilege to be an Exhibitor for Adventurous Christians at 3 of these locations: The Twin Cities, Cedar Rapids, and Duluth.

I had the chance to speak to over 100 youth pastors and leaders about AC. One of the things I like to emphasize is how AC takes care of all the details of planning a camping trip. I always say something like this:

“Youth Pastors spend countless hours planning the details of every Wed night, every Sun morning, every program. Many youth leaders might want to do a camping trip with their youth group, but the task of planning such a trip is too daunting. That’s where AC comes in. Let us worry about the camping. You just have to get them up there. Once you’re there, just focus on developing relationships with your students.”

I was very encouraged by the conversations that I had. This was our second year attending these Recharge conferences. One thing that stood out to me this year, was that people knew who we were. Many of those in attendance remembered us from last year. On more than a few occasions, someone would say something like “oh yes I was hoping you’d be here because I want to talk to you about a trip!” This was very encouraging.

God is doing great things at Adventurous Christians. They had an amazing winter season. Continue to pray for the staff and pray that God would bring new groups up this summer.