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Record Breaking Summer at AC

God is good. We are so excited for what He has in store for the many groups going up to AC this summer. We have 40 groups scheduled to experience God and His creation in the BWCAW. That’s a 16 year high. Not only that, 35 of those groups were already booked in November. AC used to be referred to as hidden gem. Now it seems that the gem has been found and we are very thankful for that.

The majority of these groups are Covenant groups. These youth leaders work tirelessly all year for their students. They show up time and time again. It’s truly an honor to be a part of the ministry plan for their students. Covenant Pines Ministries is a ministry of the Evangelical Covenant Church. We also have a Father Son trip and a Women’s trip from Covenant churches. It brings us a lot of joy to partner with our churches in such a unique way.

We will be hosting groups from the following Covenant Churches:

  • Linwood Covenant Church (MN)
  • First Covenant Church of St. Paul (MN)
  • Maple Grove Covenant Church (MN)
  • Bethlehem Covenant Church (MN)
  • Bloomington Covenant Church (MN)
  • Roseville Covenant Church (MN)
  • Anoka Covenant Church (MN)
  • City of Lakes (MN)
  • Harbert Covenant Church (MI)
  • Libertyville Covenant Church (IL)
  • Northwest Covenant (IL)
  • Batavia Covenant Church (IL)
  • Hinsdale Covenant Church (IL)

In addition to those groups, the Northwest Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church is again utilizing AC for it’s Adventures in Leadership program.

But the Covenant Church is not the only denomination that’s coming to AC. This summer we are also hosting a few non-covenant churches from Wisconsin, North Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota. People are willing to travel from all over the Midwest to experience the unique ministry offered by AC. Join us in prayer for these groups. We pray for safety, deepened relationships, and life changing moments.