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Covenant Pines Bible Camp

Theme for Summer 2016

We’ve decided on a theme for summer camps in 2016! Our theme is called “Lighthouse” and our theme verse is Psalm 43:3.

“Send out your light and your truth; let them lead me; let them bring me to your holy hill and to your dwelling!”

We’ll be focusing on how our God can always be trusted to lead us. The oceans of our lives are sometimes dark and dangerous. But no matter how bad it gets, God will always be there, leading us. Lighthouses are powerful and immovable. They’re never going to lead you astray. The are always guiding you toward safe harbor. They can be trusted. Just like our God. He is constant. He’s not going to lead you right one day and wrong the next. His way is always right. And He’s always guiding us to Himself.

We’re looking forward to a great summer! Registration will be open on January 1st!

Below are the clues that we released leading up to the 2016 Theme Reveal.

CLUE #1 (Released on 10/2/15)

“Slippery Salamanders Slide so Slickly Sometimes!”


  • “S” is the letter of alliteration in the phrase above.
  • If A=1 and B=2 and so on, then S=?
  • If Genesis=1, Exodus=2, and so on…then S=?=what book of the Bible?

CLUE #2 (Released on 10/8/15)

“Lumos” (and picture to the right)

CLUE #3 (Released on 10/13/15)

What do these musical artists have in common? (HINT: click the links)

CLUE #4 (Released on 10/17/15)

47.2000°, 91.3669°