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Ready for Harvest

My name is Katie and as the Day Camp Assistant this summer, I experienced all the joys of Covenant Pines Day Camp. From the Monday game show to the Thursday tie-dye, the Day Camp schedule became everyday life. Flexibility and trusting the Lord got us all through the programing and reality of Day Camp each week. But one thing always remained the same. In the mornings, between offering and the Bible lesson, a pair of intriguing characters appeared on stage; Sweet old Granny Smith and the antagonizing Miss Led.

For some reason, the campers always believed that I looked like or even was Granny Smith. (Impossible) Apparently, we always had the same hair and shoes. Well, the truth shall set you free, right? So, yes, I admit that I did play Granny Smith. (But you didn’t hear it from me)

The point of the skit is to get the kids to be more involved and see, maybe in a realistic way, how the Bible lesson fits in real life. Granny Smith took in Miss Led and taught her the fruits of the Spirit, while partaking in the “big harvest”.

As much fun as it was to be on stage being goofy and talking in a weird high-pitched (sometimes Minnesotan, sometimes who knows where) accent, I fully enjoyed becoming someone who had mature faith. She wasn’t afraid to share the Gospel and bring Jesus into daily conversations, even with strangers. Granny Smith wasn’t only ready for harvesting apples; she was ready to plant seeds in people through the Spirit.

“You know who else is kind? Jesus.” –Granny Smith

I want to be a “Granny Smith.” She has taught me that in order to point people to the truth I need to know the love that set me free. Live into the love that is unconditional, unfailing and unchanging for all. Because you never know when a Miss Led will come walking into your Orchard.
-Much love, Katie