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Summer 2022 Next Steps Stories

Our mission at Covenant Pines Ministries is to encourage campers to take a next step in Christian faith. At our four  ministry centers, we get the privilege of interacting with students, families, individuals and groups who share ways that they are taking their own next steps. After another full summer of ministry, we are excited to share with you the ways campers at Covenant Pines Ministries have taken some next steps.

Covenant Pines Bible Camp

This summer we had a little over 1300 campers attend camp at Covenant Pines Bible Camp. After two summers of either canceled or limited capacity camps, it felt great to be back in action at CPBC. As campers returned to play big games, have fun as a cabin and enjoy all the camp activities –  the highlight of camp continues to be worship in Big Chapel. One camper shared, “on Next Steps night, my counselor helped me through the best way to start reading scripture and journaling on a regular basis.”


Adventurous Christians

One of our highlights every summer at Adventurous Christians is our Adventures In Leadership Canoe Group. This group of high school students are nominated by their youth pastors as students who have shown leadership potential within their youth groups. Nothing puts that leadership to the test like a week on trail! After leadership training with conference leaders, the students head out on trail. While out in the BWCAW, one student reflected that “Sometimes I need to slow down and think about the people I’m leading rather than the task at hand.” This is a valuable lesson in life and leadership that takes many people years to figure out! We trust that this lesson in leadership will impact this young man’s faith in tears to come.


Silver Beach Family Camp

A week at Silver Beach is a highlight for many families. Not only is the week rooted in tradition and fun, but it presents an opportunity to grow as a family together. Time around the fire, watching the sunset, an evening out fishing on the dock…all of these moments lend themselves to opportunities for rich conversation. One family reflected on their time at Silver Beach by saying, “We turned off the outside world to focus on time together and time with God, which is so valuable to us as a busy family.”


Covenant Pines Off Site 

With the relaunch of the Next Steps Campaign, a lot of the focus of Covenant Pines Off Site has been on fundraising. In the past few months, it has been very encouraging to see donors take a next step by giving generously to build a new worship center at CPBC. Not only that, but we know these gifts will allow us to continue to encourage campers to take their next step in Christian faith for years to come!