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Generations of Summer Staff Reunited

On Sunday July 3rd, Covenant Pines Bible Camp hosted a Summer Staff Reunion for all former summer staff members. It was a joy to worship, share stories and enjoy being at camp together! We had roughly 50 staff members spanning over 60 years of summer staff! It was a great day of fellowship and connection. 

Though the weather was rainy, it did not damper the camp spirit of these former staff members. Former staff enjoyed a chapel service, complete with a message from former staff member Dave Nesburg, which immediately kicked off the walk down memory lane. The smell of the chapel, the walk up to the craft hall, eating burgers outside – these moments instantly bring back the best memories and reminders of years at camp together. Seeing the current summer staff do dishes, lead worship and engage with campers filled these former staffers with a sense of pride and nostalgia – it is so fun to see the “torch passed on.”  Families enjoyed participating in all the camp activities, but truly the highlight was all of these staff members being together at a place that has had such a spiritual impact on them. People lingered in conversation around camp reflecting back on the  years spent together at this special place.

While staffers were there, they had the opportunity to hear about the plans for the New Worship Center. Former staff were able to do a Q & A with Executive Director, Dave Cairns, while also walking around the site of where the New Worship Center will be. Click here to learn more about this project!

We had summer staffers present from 1960-2019. The generational impact of Covenant Pines Bible Camp is amazing and continues to live on. If you missed the reunion, don’t worry! We will plan to invite all former staff to the dedication of the New Worship Center and hope to do more staff alumni events in the future.

Below are some photos of the summer staff that were at the reunion. What a great day!

Photo 1: All Summer Staff and families in attendance

Photo 2: Summer Staff from 2010s and 2020s

Photo 3: Summer Staff from 1990s and 2000s

Photo 4: Summer Staff From 1960s, 1970s and 1980s