Summer Camp Certificate

Summer Camp Certficiate

We recognize the investment families make to send their children to camp. We are attempting to keep camp affordable for families by providing scholarships, partnering with our owner churches and encouraging extended families to consider camp as a gift!

If you have a camper you love, consider giving them their camp registration, or a portion of it for a birthday or Christmas gift. Here are the steps to give camp as a gift:

  1. Download and print this certificate.
  2. Fill out the certificate with the amount you’d like to gift. To see a list of our Summer Camp dates and prices, click here.
  3. Arrange with the camper’s primary care giver payment. We prefer payment to come from one person, so we encourage you to present the certificate to your camper and then pay the caregiver directly.

Thank you for giving the gift of camp! If you have questions, please reach out to us at Covenant Pines.