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Why Do You Give?

I recently asked a few people a simple question:  “Why do you give monthly to Covenant Pines Ministries?”  Their answers were succinct, meaningful and personal.

“Why do we give monthly to CPM?  We give monthly because we believe in the power of camping ministry and in Covenant Pines.  By giving each month – it is a discipline for us that helps us keep Covenant Pines in our thoughts and prayers on a regular basis.  Covenant Pines was instrumental in our own faith journeys as kids and as staff members.  Now it is an important part of our own children’s faith foundation.  By giving each month we feel like we stay connected to this important place.”

“As a young boy I attend a camp that was affiliated with the Lutheran church I grew up in. The foundation for my decision to become a Christ follower was largely formed from those early experiences.  As a parent and now a grandparent, about the best we can do for our kids and grandkids is to model Christ-like behavior. CPM knows how to reach kids in a way that family and even church does not.”

“We give to Covenant Pines because we love the ministry it provides along with all the fun.  We grew up going to Covenant Pines in the 60’s, our boys went there, worked summers there and married girls that worked there.  Covenant Pines has changed so many lives and we love giving so it can continue to be a place our grandkids and others can learn about the love of Jesus.”

“We give monthly to CPM to show our commitment to the year round ministries offered.  The hope is that our giving, along with others who give monthly, allows CPM to operate knowing there is a level of consistent and dependable monthly financial support. In our personal lives, it is beneficial to know what income we will have on a monthly basis so that we can best plan for the future, it’s reasonable to believe that an CPM would benefit from knowing the same.”

Becky and I are monthly donors and if asked why, I would respond because I want to help CPM achieve its vision to “Change A Life.”  My life was changed by God through Covenant Pines Ministries.  I want that to be true for others.

In addition to receiving individual financial, product and equipment donations, CPM has two monthly giving groups that each serve a different purpose:

Friends of Covenant Pines Ministries

This giving group was established with the purpose of providing financial resources to support capital improvement needs. Donors give on a monthly basis to ensure our facilities and equipment are maintained and updated.

Foundation Builders

New in 2017, this giving group was established with the purpose of providing financial support for CPM’s operational needs.  Donors give monthly to provide a healthy financial foundation for ministry to be built on.

I encourage you to consider participating in one of these two giving groups.  Your donations provide resources that enable our ministry to thrive.  It is a 2017 goal of mine to strengthen Covenant Pines Ministries by increasing the number of donors who give monthly to CPM.  You are able to give on-line or through the mail.  Please indicate if you gift is part of a giving group.

I look forward to having you partner with us.