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April CPM Values Highlight

Our Executive Director at CPM, Dave Cairns shares a message about  about living into our value Open,Honest, Direct Communication. This is the fourth in a series where we will be sharing how we at CPM live into our six core values. 


Open, Honest, Direct Communication

When I was asked to write this values highlight, I had a direction in mind that I thought I was going. After the events transpired over the weekend in the Twin Cities, I felt compelled to pivot and change directions. I share this with you –  a supporter of Covenant Pines Ministries, as my goal is to communicate openly, honestly and directly about where my heart and mind has been this past week.

I’m hurting. Not physically, but on a much deeper level. Once again our community and region has seen the tragic death of a black man. Daunte Wright was killed less than 5 miles from my house and is the same age as one of my sons. I’m frustrated and angry. I’m hurting. And yet, I know that I can’t understand the anguish and pain that others feel. My emotions are limited by my experiences, my skin color, my privilege.

Why do I share this? One of CPM’s core values is Open, Honest, Direction Communication and I’m trying to live into this value. Over the past few months, different staff members have written on one of our six value statements. These statements frame our ministry.

And so, I write with a transparency that is uncomfortable for me. I share a vulnerability that makes me feel exposed, for I like to keep my cards close to my vest. I strive to be that pillar of strength and consistency. Not only do I share this with you all, but our staff have been openly sharing, praying and processing what is going on in Brooklyn Center this week as well. We have found that this year, communication has been key, even when it is difficult to understand each other or when things are painful to discuss.

In Zechariah 8:16, the prophet instructs us to “speak the truth to one another.” I fully acknowledge the difficulty this can be at times. As Executive Director of Covenant Pines Ministries it would sometimes be easier to create my own narrative about CPM. One that places our ministry in the best light, highlighting all our strengths, while covering up our shortcomings. While living into this value, my hope is that we at CPM communicate with transparency both externally, to our churches, campers, donors and supporters; as well as internally on our staff and board. At times, this is easy – like sharing a positive camper story or giving the update that we exceeded our goal for the Big Picture Campaign. At other times, this is difficult – when having to share the decision to cancel all youth programs in 2020 or like this week, lamenting alongside our grieving church communities after a tragedy. We strive to do both.

Our hope is that we continue to embrace this value by answering your questions honestly, communicating with transparency and effectiveness, recognizing mistakes and acknowledging a path forward.  It is my prayer that as you interact with our staff, you will experience this core value being lived out.

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