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Welcome 2024

Little did I realize in 1994 when I started in full-time camping ministry that 30 years later I would still be serving at a Christian camp. I have served in leadership roles at Covenant camps in three states, as well as run a day camp. Memories from these years fill my brain when I reflect on the staff I’ve served with, the friendships developed and campers lives impacted by God. As we welcome in 2024, I want to stop reflecting and look forward to the future of Covenant Pines Ministries.

This upcoming year will be significantly marked with the opening of the Worship Center at Covenant Pines Bible Camp. The existing Chapel has served generations of campers from its dedication in 1957 to summer campers in 2023. For many, this building is where they heard the truth of the Gospel and were encouraged to take a next step in Christian faith. While we move into a new building this summer, I’m confident that God will continue to call campers to follow Jesus. May these words from the Chapel dedication ring true for future generations as they meet in the Worship Center…..

For worship in prayer and praise; for the ministry of the Word of God and the proclamation of the gospel message of Jesus Christ as the Savior from sin; to the salvation of souls and the upbuilding of the church in the knowledge of our Lord; for the administration of the sacraments, 

We dedicate this chapel for this holy ministry.

For the instruction of children and youth in the truths of the Christian faith; for the promotion of Christian character, 

We dedicate this house, to minister to childhood, youth and the home.

But there is more…. Adventurous Christians is launching the SALT program this summer. The Serving And Learning Team is designed for high school students who want to explore what the basecamp staff experience is at AC while learning tangible life skills and more about following Jesus. A portion of their time at AC will be spent building a new boardwalk to the dock and enjoying a day trip in trail. AC is also excited about the future construction of a new Health Center building. The Health Center will house two rooms for campers who become ill while at camp, as well as two year-round staff apartments, summer staff housing and a new trail room. While not fully funded, a significant amount of funds have already been donated for this project and we are seeking a contractor to begin the building process.

And still more…. In McGregor, the Fireside Lounge will undergo a renewal of sorts with new furniture for campers to gather, drink coffee and share the day’s stories in. A new foam machine will create a backdrop for wonderful memories to be made.

It’s often easy to look backwards to reflect on memories and experiences we’ve had with a fond nostalgia. As we move into 2024, I’m striving for the future and what God will do through Covenant Pines Ministries this year. I invite you to join me in creating new memories this year.