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Facebook Sharing Contest

The purpose of this ministry is to help people young and old experience the love of Christ. The way we do that is by getting people up here in the beauty of His creation! Some people need a little more inspiration than others. More and more facebook is becoming an important place for us to inspire people to give camp a try. It seems almost everyone has a facebook account these days. Because of that, it has become a great place for us here at Covenant Pines to show what God has been doing at camp, promote events, share photos/videos, tell stories, and simply let our friends know what’s going on up here. But there’s a problem: facebook traffic. When you log onto facebook, your news feed is the first thing you see. But this news feed can get a little busy and the stuff from Covenant Pines can get swept away. The best weapon against this traffic is the “share” button.

A “like” on facebook is helpful, but it won’t help the post reach very many new people. The “share” goes a lot farther. Think about it. Let’s say 2,000 people are “friends” with the Covenant Pines page. If we post something on facebook that says “Register for a Junior High camp today!” then only a portion of those 2,000 will see it. Why won’t they all see it? There are many reasons behind that, but much of it has to do with timing. It’s very unlikely that all 2,000 friends will be on facebook and looking at their news feed at the same time. But, if you click “share,” then all of your friends will see the post as well. So if 500 of our friends see the original post, and 20 of those 500 click the “share” button, then the number of people who see our post could triple in a matter of minutes! This is why we need your help!

We have created a facebook sharing contest to give you a little incentive to share our posts. If you click the “Share” button on a facebook post made by Covenant Pines Bible Camp between February 16th and April 16th, 2014, then you will be eligible to win ANY item you want from the Covenant Pines store! At the end of this two-month period, we will hold a raffle and select three winners and send those winners facebook message with the details of how to claim the prize. There is no limit to the number of “shares” for one person so the more you share the better chance you have of winning!

In addition to winning something cool from our camp store, you’re also helping our ministry greatly! You never know, your “share” could bring someone new to camp where they will meet Christ!


  • Clicking the “like” button is not the same as clicking the “share” button. “Likes” will not be included in the raffle.
  • The dates of contest are February 16th – April 16th, 2014. The “share” must occur within that time span.
  • There is no limit to the number of “shares” per person.