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Sacred Spaces

The Little Deck Tucked Behind The Chapel 

Camp is a sacred place – a place that has been set apart by God for spiritual growth and nourishment. Many people feel a wash of calm and security when they first step foot onto camp grounds. All around camp though, there are little spaces that have become sacred to people. Spaces that have had profound spiritual impact, where people have encountered God and made next steps in their Christian faith. Over the next several months, we will be highlighting these sacred spaces at our ministry centers and the significance these spaces have had on people over the years of ministry at CPM.

When asked about a sacred space at Covenant Pines Bible Camp, multiple people said, “the little deck tucked behind the chapel.” If you have been to CPBC – can you picture it? Nikki (Dugan) Wallace, who was a camper throughout her junior and senior high years, and then a staff member from 1997-2001 found this little corner of camp special. When asked why this space was sacred, Wallace responded “It was the place I would go to whenever I wanted some time alone—whether I wanted to pray, think, cry, read my Bible, or even just to spend some quiet time enjoying the beauty of God’s creation.”

These spaces become sacred to individuals by the spiritual moments that are captured. For Nikki, it was the fact that her years were a time in her life when she was experiencing a lot of uncertainty about what her future would hold, and a lot of deep personal insecurity. Whenever she would go to the little deck by the chapel, the experience of just being still and listening to the waves lap and the wind blow through the trees reminded her that there was a Creator who knew her, loved her and had a plan for her life.

These moments and spaces are significant in the spiritual life of our campers, staff members and volunteers and contribute to the greater mission of Covenant Pines Ministries. Nikki adds that “I had become a Christian when I was very little, but when I was at Jr. High camp in 8th grade, I made the decision to fully commit my life to Christ while at the Friday night campfire. Then, as the years went on camp was a place where the Lord helped me make many smaller, incremental steps in my faith journey. My time at Covenant Pines (including the wonderful people I met there) was very formative to me, and forever holds a precious place in my heart.”

Sacred spaces at camp provide connection to a place that have an eternal impact. Nikki closed our conversation by saying, “It’s been 20+ years , but I still often find myself wishing I could just walk up to the chapel and sit on the little deck overlooking Round Lake! Even though I don’t have that right in my backyard, I’m so thankful for that experience of finding a place to ‘be still and know He is God.’ It taught me to actively look for those special kinds of places and moments where, in the craziness of life, I could stop  to recharge, refocus, and contemplate the wonder of who God is.”

We are thankful for the place of camp that God has set aside for these moments, and the spaces within it that allow people to experience Christ fully. If you have a sacred space story to share at Covenant Pines Bible Camp, Adventurous Christians or Silver Beach Family Camp, we would love to hear from you! You can email to share and learn more.