Nolan’s Story

“My story starts with me being angry at God… I now have a greater understanding of his plan for me.”

I first went to camp in 2010. I was invited by my friend Josh, who found out about the camp through his church. At that time, I was not very interested in going to church, and I thought that if God had a plan for me, he would flat out tell me what to do. I’d say what really took me away from church and God was when my best friend Cade died in 2010. Nobody really knew what was wrong with him, and he was in a coma in the hospital. We got word in class that he woke up, but went back in a few hours later. We were all filled with hope that he would wake up and be fine. A few days later we were told that they pulled his life support. I was so angry at the world, and I was mad at God, asking why he would take him away from me and all of his friends. I still went to church every Sunday after that, but I never paid any attention. That year, my friend Josh invited me to go to a bible camp with him. I didn’t want to go at first, but after I got on the bus I thought, I should just make the most of it. I wouldn’t have to come back. That first week was the best week of my life. I struggled for the first few days, having bad thoughts and questioning God about what he wanted me to do, asking for a sign. The second to last day of camp, I felt it. There was a sort of wind, after evening chapel, and the bad thoughts just went away. I understood. God didn’t abandon me.

The next year I came back, and had so much fun. I remember talking to my counselor about my experience from the previous year, and they told me to look really hard for more ‘God Sightings’ to help guide me in the right path. I’ve been going back every year, and I did SWEAT and LIT, and this year I plan to attend one week as a JC, as well as one week as a SWEAT. Another God sighting for me was just this last year, when one of my new friends, Cory, got really sick at camp. I helped him to fireside, and then ran around camp to find the nurses for him. After I found the nurses, I sat outside of fireside and prayed for him for at least half an hour. He recovered a few days later, and I was so happy. I praised God for answering my prayers, and now I feel I have truly found my home away from home, at Covenant Pines. Now I go to church every Sunday, help out with events like vacation bible school, participate in fund raisers, and whatever I can do to help the church. I couldn’t be happier where God has guided me, and I am searching for what he wants me to do next. My story starts with me being angry at God, and through years of serving him, I now have a greater understanding of his plan for me. My summers now consist of volunteering at my church and Feed my Starving Children, and coming to Covenant Pines Bible Camp. I feel I have a stronger connection with God, and I will do everything in my power to fulfill his plan for me. My story is just starting, and I know I will encounter many more ‘Praise God’ moments in the future.