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Summer 2021 Next Steps Around CPM

The mission at Covenant Pines Ministries is to encourage campers to take a next step in Christian faith. After a summer full of ministry, here are some highlights from each of our ministry centers where our mission is being met!

Covenant Pines Bible Camp: 

“While speaking at Covenant Pines during Trailblazer 2, I had one camper come up to me and tell me he accepted Jesus for the first time and it was an incredible feeling! He had talked with his counselor and was just so excited. You could see the joy of Christ just permeate through – I remember the same feeling – knowing the eternity of love and joy for the rest of your life and beyond. Not only was that moment so special, but I heard other conversations with campers saying they wanted to learn all the books of the Bible or talk to their neighbors about God.” – Danny Bjorlin, Trailblazer 2 Speaker.

Adventurous Christians: 

After a canoe trip with a youth group, a high schooler reflected on spiritual growth or change that occurred in your life this week – here was their response “I really had to focus on relying on God for strength and it allowed me to really understand how it’s easier to go through life with him.”


Silver Beach Family Camp:

This summer we had an infant baptism at Silver Beach Family Camp. What a beautiful step in the life of this family. We feel honored that this family chose to have their baby baptized at Covenant Pines!


Covenant Pines Off Site 

At this year’s golf tournament, one of our sponsors brought along his business partners to golf with him. At the end of the banquet, he came up to the staff and mentioned that one golfer wasn’t a Christian, and this was his first exposure to God, camp, etc. He was eager to learn more about Covenant Pines and getting campers to camp through scholarships!