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Sacred Spaces Part 2

The Big and Small of Adventurous Christians

Camp is a sacred place – a place that has been set apart by God for spiritual growth and nourishment. Many people feel a wash of calm and security when they first step foot onto camp grounds. All around camp though, there are little spaces that have become sacred to people. Spaces that have had profound spiritual impact, where people have encountered God and made next steps in their Christian faith. Today we will be highlighting why Adventurous Christians in and of itself, is a sacred space.

Lauren Berens, who was a trail guide at AC in 2011 had no previous connection to camp. The impact, however, that AC had on her spiritual life was significant. She says her summer at AC was truly the most impactful and formational experience she had in her life up to that point.

Throughout her time at Adventurous Christians, she lists a few spaces that felt especially sacred to her which include “trail leading back to boreal, the rocker next to the fireplace, the trail room and the dock to name a few, but a sacred space is a space in which we encounter God’s presence and I have felt and relied on God in every space at AC.” She goes on to reflect on these big and small space at Adventurous Christians to say, “When I think of AC I think of wilderness, open air, big water and hard work, but I also think of the smallest things – my favorite mug, the wooden rocker, specific trees on the trail back to boreal, which screen doors slam, I could go on with these details forever.”. These memories are so deeply ingrained in Lauren’s  mind because AC is a place where you get to slow down enough to notice God, listen for Him and let Him change you. Whether it’s packing out, doing dishes, splitting wood or time on trail, God uses AC to reveal Himself in incredible ways.

While reflecting on the summer spent at AC, Lauren goes on to share, “During my summer guiding at AC I was challenged in ways I had never been before. I experienced the greatest fear and humility I had ever felt in my life up to that point and, for the first time in my life, found myself relying solely on God. I also experienced the purest and most powerful provision and joy and my faith grew in ways it never would have without that experience.” For those of who have been on trail at AC know this feeling intimately. The dependence on God is so powerful – and these moments, and places become sacred memories ingrained into the spiritual formation of our lives.

This is the impact of Adventurous Christians – the big moments on trail when we are faced with challenges and humility, but also the small, slow moments on a rocking chair in the lodge or the deep breath in the trail room. Both of these things exist within each other at AC, making the experiences significant and so meaningful. The strength and the reliance but also the serene and slow…these are the reasons we love AC.

We are thankful for the place of camp that God has set aside for these moments, and the spaces within it that allow people to experience Christ fully. If you have a sacred space story to share at Covenant Pines Bible Camp, Adventurous Christians or Silver Beach Family Camp, we would love to hear from you! You can email to share and learn more.

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