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2017 Summer Theme Clues

THE THEME HAS BEEN REVEALED! The clues are still below if you want to check them out. Scroll down to see the answers!

One clue by itself will not be enough to figure out the theme. But if you put the clues together, you can figure it out! Below are the clues so far (you may want to use good ol’ Google to help you):


“εὐαγγέλιον” and “επιστολές”


“I traveled with Jesus. It was pretty sweet. One time I told him he couldn’t wash my feet.

In the Testament, not Old, but New, I wrote some books. Maybe three? Maybe two?

Somewhere in the one I wrote first, is where you’ll find the summer theme verse.”


There are codes like this all over your schools and probably in your house, but it’s likely you never notice them. Some codes are 10 digits long and some are 13. Both of the codes below will lead you to the same place



CLUE #4    



Clue #1

Those words are Greek. They translate into “gospel” and “epistles.” The gospels and the epistles make up the New Testament.

Clue #2

The rhyme is talking about the Apostle Peter. He wrote 2 books in the New Testament, 1 Peter and 2 Peter. The one he wrote first was 1 Peter.

Clue #3

Those are ISBN numbers. Simply pasting one of those numbers into Google should lead you to a history book about The 1600s.

Clue #4

Those actors are George Clooney and Elizabeth Banks. Their first names are very important: George & Elizabeth

Clue #5

Those cartoons in the middle are characters from famous nursery rhymes. They are surrounded by pictures of bridges. Can you think of a famous nursery rhyme about a bridge? How about London Bridge is Falling Down?