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Silver Beach Family Camp

Families Gather at Silver Beach

Youth camp is in full swing here at Covenant Pines.  Kids are racing, playing, worshiping, and deepening their relationship with Jesus and many are coming to Him for the first time.  There is great rejoicing and praise as we watch the beautiful plans God has unfold for each camper as they place that first step on the bus  and head to camp.

In the midst of summer God has been doing amazing things in the lives of families at Silver Beach.  Silver Beach Family Area gives families a week to reconnect with God and each.  The good news is that God is also moving in the lives of Families on the same soil weekly.  There are families that have traveled to come together from far ends of the world to spend time a week together in this beautiful place.  Traveling from places like Ohio and Austria.  The gift and honor is that I get to see God’s plans unfold in the lives of Grandparents, moms and dads, kids grown and still little.   They are here to build memories and strengthen their relationship that will last a lifetime.

God has designed families in all different shapes and sizes.  Last week the Ogren family was here.  In their lives God is growing their little family of four.  They are praying and processing through becoming a foster family.  How blessed their two littles boys are to have such beautiful parents and how hopeful those parents are to bless little ones in need.  This week the Chamberlin Family is here.  They have twelve kids all adopted.  And every year they come and build memories and as their kids grow and God continues to do a work in each of them.  The Hipp Family brought their family here over July fourth week.  They water skied together and gather together ones every two years as part of their family lives in Austria.  Each family has a story.  Each one God has placed here to not simply have fun at camp.  But to continue to build on the plans He has for each member as they grow and love on each other in a place that is sometime quiet and sometimes fun of adventure.  Just as life at home is but here they step away and take intentional time for each other and for God as they worship Him daily in the time He has set aside for them to be here at Silver Beach.

~Angie, Silver Beach Director